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Orientation/Advising Q&As


Questions and Answers


  • What to expect at your mandatory orientation and advising session?

All students seeking to earn a degree at North Central must attend an orientation or individual advising session. There are two types of sessions: Orientation and Individual Advising. 

Orientation sessions are for ”New to College” students. New to College is defined as a student who has no earned college credits or was a previous Dual Enrolled student at North Central. Orientation topics include faculty expectations for students, resources at the college, how to develop a successful educational plan, how to pay for college, how to register for courses, and more. Orientation concludes with registering for the current open semester classes. Orientation sessions take approximately three hours.

Individual Advising sessions are required for the “Returning to College” student. A Returning to College student has earned 3 or more college credits at any college (other than Dual Enrolled at North Central. Dual Enrolled students will attend an Individual Advising Appointment session). The session is designed for transfer students, students with a college degree and former North Central students that have not attended in the past two years. An Advising session will recognize that the student possesses “ going to college” knowledge and focuses on topics as they apply specifically to North Central. Topics in a session will include North Central programs of study, financial aid process, faculty expectations, and student resources. The session concludes with registering for the current open semester classes An appointment lasts approximately one hour. 

Please call (231) 348-6605 to schedule an Orientation or Advising session.

Personal Interest, Guests, and Dual Enrolled Students are welcome to attend an orientation, but it is not mandatory.


  • are the orientation or advising sessions mandatory?

Yes. All students entering North Central seeking a degree must attend an Orientation or an Individual Advising Appointment before they are able to register for courses. Guest, Personal Interest, and Dual Enrolled do not need to attend an orientation and advising session.

  • How long is a session?

New to College Orientation and Advising Sessions will last approximately 3 hours.

Returning to College Individual Advising Appointment will last approximately one hour.

**Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your session to complete the check-in process.


  • What do I need to do prior to pre-registering for an orientation or advising session?

New to College Students: You must have applied online at and be an accepted student with placement in English and math.  For placement, you must submit your high school transcripts, ACT scores, SAT scores or take the Accuplacer by appointment in Learning Support Services. 


Returning to College Students: You must submit all official college transcripts.  If you have not successfully completed (“C” or better) English Composition and a math course at another college, you must also submit your high school transcripts, ACT scores, SAT scores, COMPASS® scores or take the Accuplacer Learning Support Services.


  • Can I just show up to the orientation and advising session or do I have to pre-register?

Sessions will be held at Petoskey, Gaylord, and Cheboygan. Students must pre-­register in advance for the orientation. You can register online at


  • Will I be able to register for classes during the mandatory orientation and advising session?

Yes. After the informational sessions, there will be time to register for classes for the current open semester.


  • Can I meet with an advisor during the orientation and advising session?

Yes, advisors will be available to help during course selection.


  • Are there orientation and advising sessions off-campus?

Yes, sessions will be held periodically at the Gaylord or Cheboygan locations. 


  • What if I don't attend the mandatory orientation and advising session?

Students who do not complete orientation or Individual Advising Appointments will not be able to register for courses. The earlier you attend an orientation or an Individual Advising Appointment, the sooner you can register and more likley that you will find the courses that meet your preferences and fit your schedule.


  • Can I bring someone with me to an orientation and advising session?

You may bring a parent or a friend with you. Due to space constraints, please limit the number of people you bring to one. Please note that because of the format of orientation, young children should not attend. Please find alternate arrangements for them.


  • Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes. You need to have your NC Portal username and password. If you do not have these, please call the help desk at 231-3486617 prior to the session to obtain.


  • Who can I contact if I have further questions?

You may contact Student Services at 231­-348-6605.