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Accommodations Checklist

checklist timeline for setting up accommodations with learning support services (LSS)

  1. Contact LSS.
  2. Access forms on our website or from the folder from LSS.
  3. Complete the Intake Information Questionnaire.
  4. Stop by, in person, or call (231) 348-6682 to schedule an appointment.
  5. Bring completed Intake Information Questionnaire and documentation of a disability (see documentation requirements in the Guidelines for Disability Services) to your meeting with the Director of LSS.
  6. During the appointment, you will discuss the Intake Information Questionnaire, documentation, and some reasonable accommodations.
  7. LSS will email copies of your Approved Accommodations letter to your student email and to your instructors.
  8. Meet with each of your instructors to talk through your needs and accommodations as they apply in each class.
  9. Check in with LSS regarding any further needs or changes regarding your accommodations.
  10. Contact the Director of LSS with any concerns regarding the application of your accommodations in your classes.  
  11. *Each semester, new Accommodation Request Forms must be picked up, signed and returned in order to continue to receive accommodations.