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Our goal is to help students become independent learners who achieve their personal and academic goals!


Free tutoring is available to North Central Michigan College students. Learning Support Services (LSS) staffs two part-time professional tutors for math and biology.  LSS also hires peer student tutors who have successfully completed the course they are tutoring or have been recommended by an instructor for a specific class. Students needing help writing papers should inquire at the Writing Center.


In need of a tutor?

If you have had difficulty with a subject in the past or are not keeping up with the pace of the assignments in the course you're taking, it is time to work with a tutor to get the help you need!  Tutoring is an important free resource for students who want to reach their goals.


What does a tutoring session consist of? 

Tutoring sessions usually last for about an hour, one day a week, for the duration of the semester.  Be prepared to actively learn.  Bring your books, notes, and a copy of your class syllabus to the tutoring session. Have specific questions ready to ask your tutor.  Tutors do not do your homework; they will teach you better study skills, how to do your homework and how to set achievable goals. Tutors are not the instructor; if you miss a class, the tutor cannot "fill you in" on what was missed.  Consistent class attendance is required of students who receive tutoring.


How do I request a tutor? 

Tutoring forms are available in room 533 in the Student and Community Resource Center (SCRC) building or you can print the form provided at THIS LINK. If you have questions or need help with the form, contact the tutorial coordinator at (231) 348-6693.


Will I get a better grade if I see a tutor?

You will get from tutoring what you put into it. Come prepared to work with your tutor on assignments and ask questions about what you do not understand. The tutor will show you effective study skills and a method to complete your assignments. If you work consistently, your understanding and comprehension of the material will improve. 


Become a Tutor

 All you need is an interest in helping others, good grades in the subject you would like to tutor, and time available to tutor!

Benefits of Tutoring:

  • Paid position/current minimum wage per hour.

  • Fits into your schedule -- you set the hours.

  • Looks great on resumes and college applications, especially for students planning leadership careers or considering the education field!

  • Helps you reinforce what you've learned by helping other students.


  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a B+ or better in the course(s) you wish to tutor.

  • Make a commitment to working with students on a weekly basis.

  • Complete a paid tutorial training guide before working with students.

  • Maintain documentation of tutoring services.

  • Complete payroll forms and weekly documentation.


To become a tutor, please contact our tutorial coordinator at (231) 348-6693 for more details.