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Title IX Resources

Crisis Support and Counseling

Whether you need support now or years after experiencing sexual assault or dating violence, help is available 24 hours a day.

Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan


24-hour Crisis and Intervention (WRCNM)

231-347-0082 or 1-800-275-1995

In the event of a sex offense occurring on campus, 911 should be contacted immediately. Medical assistance is available at McLaren-Northern Michigan Emergency Room (416 Connable Ave., Petoskey, 231-348-4520).

The Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan offers counseling and advocacy services with the police and hospital. An advocate can be immediately dispatched to assist any victim. This can be accessed by calling the 24-hour crisis line at 231-347-0082. Victims are reminded of the importance of preserving evidence which may be necessary for the proof of sexual assault. Any offense should be reported to the Vice President of Student Affairs (231-348-6618) as soon as possible.


Where to go for assistance

  • 24-hour Crisis and Intervention (WRCNM) 231-347-0082 or 1-800-275-1995
  • McLaren Northern Michigan 231-348-4000
  • Petoskey Department of Public Safety 231-347-2500
  • Otsego County Sheriff Department 989-732-7858
  • Cheboygan Department of Public Safety 231-627-4321


Information for Victims of Domestic Violence

Crime victims should be aware of the following information:   Emergency and medical services are available to crime victims.

  • Victim’s compensation benefits may be available by contacting: Crime Victim Services Commission, 320 South Walnut St., Lansing, MI, 48913. Victims only - Toll-free 877-251-7373.
  • Crime victims may contact the prosecutor’s office as follows:

Emmet County Prosecutor’s Office

Emmet County Building, 200 Division Street, Petoskey, MI 49770

Phone: 231-348-1725

Otsego County Prosecutor’s Office

800 Livingston Blvd., Suite 3-D, Gaylord, MI 49735

Phone: 989-731-7430

Cheboygan County Prosecutor’s Office

870 S. Main St., Room 143, Cheboygan, MI 49721

Phone: 231-627-8450

  • If you would like to be notified of an arrest in your case or the release of the person arrested, or both, you should call:

Emmet County Prosecutor's Office               231-348-1725

          Victim Advocate                                    231-348-1725 

Otsego County Sheriff Department              989-732-7858

Victim Advocate                                     989-731-7431

Cheboygan Department of Public Safety    231-627-4321

Victim Advocate                                     231-627-8450


Information about emergency shelter, counseling services and the legal rights of domestic violence victims is available through these resources.

Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan 231-347-0067

24-hour Crisis and Intervention (WRCNM) 231-347-0082 or 1-800-275-1995


To obtain a Personal Protection Order (PPO), begin at the County Clerk’s Office.

Emmet County Clerk’s Office

200 Division St., Petoskey, MI 49770


Otsego County Clerk’s Office

225 West Main St., Gaylord, MI 49735


Cheboygan County Clerk’s Office

870 S. Main St., Cheboygan, MI 49721