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Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Plan


North Central Michigan College provides exceptional, accessible, relevant higher education of and for the community.


To be the first choice for higher education, by empowering all of us to achieve more than we believe possible.


Excellence – We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards, exceeding expectations by providing transformative learning experiences and exceptional service.

Integrity - We model ethical and honest behavior, building trust and inspiring confidence. Accountable for our words and actions, we are genuine, transparent and respectful.

Results - On and off campus, we continually deliver on our commitment to improve our institution and its relevance to those we serve through innovation, agility and thoughtful risk-taking.

Stewardship - We commit to the responsible care and growth of the human, environmental, economic and cultural resources entrusted to us.

Compassion - With kindness, caring and dignity, we seek to understand and address the complex and unique needs of others.

Inclusion - We strive to create a welcoming environment that embraces and respects the uniqueness of each individual and celebrates the power of a diverse community.

THRIVE 2035 - strategic plan 2021-2035

4 Strategic Directions (ACIS


12 Strategic Goals

ACADEMICS:  Become the learning destination for traditional students, returning adult learners and mature learners.

Goal 1: Develop innovative and relevant academic programs and strengthen existing programs to better serve the region.

Goal 2: Utilize adaptive, engaging instructional methods and technology for program delivery.

Goal 3: Expand Corporate & Community Education offerings and community involvement.

Goal 4: Provide regional leadership in select educational areas, driven by academic program reviews and local advisory groups.


COMMUNITY:  Grow to be the region’s primary choice for leadership, expertise, experience and service enhancing regional economies and assets.

Goal 5:  Solidify North Central Michigan College’s reputation as the “Regional Convener” by increasing internal and external community engagement opportunities. 


INFRASTRUCTURE: Build a thriving comprehensive college, committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, augmenting cutting edge academics and instructional methods with strong support services, facilities, technology and extracurricular activities.

Goal 6:  Intensify commitment to broaden diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) on campus through initiatives, programs and outreach; student recruitment, retention and completion; and hiring practices for faculty and staff

Goal 7:  Create stronger holistic, extra-academic support systems for student success, including expanded extracurricular offerings.

Goal 8:  Optimize current and future physical plant and information technology Infrastructure, while executing the projects that align with the 15-year scope of work outlined in the 2019 Campus Master Plan.


SUSTAINABILITY Increase financial security and growth while implementing environmentally sustainable practices to conserve natural resources. 

Goal 9:  Identify and support initiatives to increase enrollment, retention and sustainability on campus. 

Goal 10:  Grow the college’s sources of financial capital, including philanthropic support

Goal 11:  Develop the college’s human capital 

Goal 12:  Lead the region in adopting viable, environmentally sustainable practices.