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Strategic Plan

Thrive 2035

An unwavering focus on academic programming, community partnership and enhancement, a solid infrastructure and financial security necessary to prepare the next generation of successful students.   

Strategic Plan Components

Strategic Directions - The strategic plan supports the college’s mission and vision and is comprised of 4 Strategic Directions that will guide North Central for the next 15 years.
Strategic Goals - The 4 Strategic Directions are achieved through successful implementation of 12 Strategic Goals.
College Initiatives - The Strategic Directions and Strategic Goals are supported by yearly College Initiatives, that drive divisional/departmental work plans.


Strategic Planning Process

Thrive 2035 builds from the momentum surrounding North Central’s aim to reach even higher in service to Northern Michigan.  

The strategic planning process spanned 24 months and was completed with input from a wide variety of stakeholder groups. The process was led by the Strategic Planning Action Team (SPAT) and the first product of this process was the creation of NCMC's new Mission, Vision, and Values.

The Strategic Directions and Strategic Goals are supported by College Initiatives, that will drive divisional/departmental work plans, upon which progress will be tracked and performance evaluated for all North Central personnel beginning with the 2021-22 fiscal year.

Strategic Planning Action Team (SPAT)

Cabinet Liaison:

David Roland Finley, President

SPAT Co-Chairs:
Carol Laenen, VP of Marketing & Strategy
Stephen Strom, VP of Academic Affairs
SPAT Members:
Renee DeYoung, Vice President of Student Affairs
Tom Zeidel, Vice President of Finance & Facilities
Chelsea Platte, VP of Advancement, Foundation Executive Director
Scott LaDeur, Political Science Professor
Christy Lyons, CCE Director
Dallas Culvahouse, SCRC Director
Lynn Eckerle, Director of Human Resources
Megan Van Horn, Content Media Administrator
Lea Dietzel, Executive Assistant to the President
Campus Shot

Thrive 2035

North Central Michigan College's Strategic Plan 2021-2035

To view the comprehensive Strategic Plan, please click the link below.

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