Visiting artist and educator Shirley Brauker will share her work, stories, and details about how her Native American culture, studies, and her own personal experiences shape her art. A reception will precede this lecture.

Brauker’s work will be on display from October 24 - 26 in the NCMC Library. Her gallery, Moon Bear Pottery and Indian Arts, is dedicated to the preservation and understanding of Native American art. Brauker has been creating art for more than 60 years.

Brauker works in many different mediums: clay, painting, bronze, drawing, block prints, beading and dolls. She uses Native American themes and Nature throughout her art creations. She likes to include "stories" within her art. These stories are woven deep within the pieces and can be "re-told" to better explain the finished work. The stories also serve as a way to keep the oral traditions of storytelling alive.

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