Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is now almost a year old, with the conflict grinding on. The current situation in Ukraine has greatly strained the global economy, weakened food supplies and affected European countries dependent on Russian energy. Questions around Russian President Vladimir Putin’s goals continue to swirl as the Russian government engages in a military mobilization to reverse its losses in Ukraine. Where is this conflict headed as 2023 dawns? Scott LaDeur, Ph.D., will tell us.

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Scott LaDeur, Ph.D.Scott LaDeur is North Central's professor of political science. He has held appointments at five institutions, teaching on a wide variety of issues, including terrorism, political conspiracy theories, elections, and the rise of China. He provides election night analysis on television in Northern Michigan and has appeared on regional television, podcasts and newspapers around the state.
LaDeur holds a Ph.D. in political science with a focus on international relations and American politics from Northern Illinois University.