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Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it

Thank you for giving!

My North Central success story began when I was awarded the Presidential Scholarship in 2017.  I’m now in my second year of the nursing program and my last year at North Central. After graduation, my goals are to get my Doctorate of Nursing and become a nurse practitioner.

There is no way that I can ever repay the amazing people that have contributed to my success. I am excited about the future, but yet sad to leave. I am so thankful for everything that North Central has done for me.

Lilly Kingma

As an adult student, I thought my chances of receiving aid for school were slim to none, so my family was elated when I was awarded a nursing scholarship to support my education at North Central Michigan College. I promise to honor your investment in me and make my mark in our local health care system by being a compassionate, thorough caregiver, exemplifying excellence and advocating for the utmost in care for each patient.

Thank you again for your generosity and support.

Jessica Zulski