Fully seated, in-person classes and a return to all campus activities planned

North Central Michigan College announced today that its campus will be fully operational for the Fall 2021 semester, returning to pre-pandemic numbers of in-person classes and student activities.

In a March 19 email to campus, President David Roland Finley told students to count on fully seated, face-to-face classes and a return to a full slate of athletic and campus activities.

“In other words, we will return to North Central campus life as it existed before the pandemic,” Finley said.

Eighty-six percent of Fall 2021 classes will feature an in-person component, and 82 percent of classes will be fully in-person, Finley said.  They college’s 150-person Residence Hall will be open at full capacity.

Finley cited North Central’s ability to operate safely in person this academic year, coupled with expanded access to effective vaccines, for the planned return to normal operations.

“Thanks to the efforts of our campus community, we had a successful, safe academic year,” Finley said.  “Together as North Central, we masked up, maintained our physical distance, and kept our on-campus infection rate commendably low.”

Finley said the college will continue to rely on the guidance of local, state and federal health officials.

“Let’s remain vigilant through the end of the semester, especially following any Spring Break travel,” he said.  “This has been a year unlike any other, but we have answered with teamwork, flexibility and resolve.”

North Central Michigan College is an open-door community college based in Petoskey, with additional locations offering classes and services in Cheboygan and Gaylord.  North Central’s mission is to provide exceptional, accessible, relevant higher education of and for the community.  North Central is an Achieving the Dream Leader College with a designation of Veteran Friendly Silver by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency.

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Megan Van Horn
Content Media Administrator