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North Central Now!

North Central Now!Boyne City High School Early College

Welcome to North Central Now! an opportunity for high school students in northern Michigan to earn North Central  Michigan College credit through dual and concurrent enrollment. This guide provides basic information for principals, counselors, and teachers and also serves as a base for further discussions with each school district for the expansion of  college credit offerings in future years.

Since its founding in 1958, North Central has been your partner in providing educational programs for college, career, and life-ready citizens. Through enrichment programs such as ChemExtravaganza or College for Kids, tutoring services of the Learning Support Services Center, and scholarship opportunities such as the Presidential Scholars, North Central has been a path to college opportunity for students throughout our region.

North Central Now! focuses on dual and concurrent enrollment opportunities for high school students.

Dual enrollment courses are offered at North Central Michigan’s campus in Petoskey or at its Centers in Cheboygan and Gaylord. Dual enrollment students are incorporated into regularly offered classes with other college students. 

Concurrent enrollment courses are offered in area high schools in specially designated sections that cover the same college course content while eliminating travel barriers for students.

 Both options offer students the opportunity to earn semester based college credits that will appear on a North Central Michigan College transcript and that may be transferred to any public university in our state.


Student Eligibility

Consistent with the recommendations of the Michigan Department of Education, eligibility for courses through  North Central Now! is based on a combination of factors including teacher and counselor recommendations and  standardized test scores. 

The MME, ACT, SAT, Compass and Accuplacer scores are designed to indicate whether a student is ready for college success.  The EXPLORE, PLAN and PSAT scores are designed to indicate whether a student is on track to be ready for college success.  In approving a student for dual enrollment, high school counselors and principals use the guidelines provided by the Michigan Department of Education and their assessment of the student’s readiness for such work.  At a minimum, federally-based ability to benefit scores of 13 in ACT English and ACT Reading (COMPASS =62; E-Write = 3)) should be used to qualify students for participation in North Central Now!. Using the information provided in the state and federal guidelines, the high school counselor or principal can determine the student’s eligibility for participation in North Central Now!  The endorsement of the high school principal is a requirement for enrollment in dual or concurrent courses.


The Application and Enrollment Process

Students who are interested in North Central Now! courses should apply online through the College’s website, and should seek the endorsement of their high school principal. Only those students who have received your endorsement will be enrolled in the selected dual or concurrent course. A North Central representative will visit each concurrent enrollment class in the first week of the academic year to ensure that the enrollment process is complete and to review the expectations of the College for all its students.


Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Course Offerings and Alignment

Dual enrollment courses are offered at North Central’s Petoskey campus, at one of its Centers in Cheboygan or Gaylord or through its online offerings.

Concurrent enrollment is offered in the high school setting. Both models lead to college credit for degree completion at North Central or transfer to another college.

The action of the State legislature in 2012 amended the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act (PSEOA) (Public Act 160 of 1996) and the Career and Technical preparation Action (Public Act 258 of 2000) to expand dual enrollment opportunities for high school students. Qualified students may begin taking dual enrollment classes in 9th grade and may take up to 10 dual enrollment classes in grades 9-12.  Dual enrollment courses can be used to satisfy the requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) if the content and assessment are aligned. 

North Central recognizes that alignment models in the State are in transition and will work collaboratively with our K-12 partners to ensure that the student experience through dual enrollment continues to satisfy the Common Core State Standards. North Central uses an assessment platform, the Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP) that is consistent with and builds upon the Common Core Standards. Through fulfillment of the DQP, North Central students receive an education that incorporates Applied Learning, Broad Integrative Knowledge, Civic Engagement, Intellectual Skills, and Specialized Knowledge.

North Central offers course work leading to 38 career certificates and 24 associate degree programs. Qualified high school students have the opportunity for dual enrollment in up to ten North Central courses toward certificate or degree requirements. Although all North Central courses are available for dual enrollment, through its North Central Now! initiative, the following courses will be offered on campus or in its centers in the late afternoon or evening, times accessible to high school students.



Course Code  Course Title

ARTS 100

BIO 101

BIO 151

CEM 101

CIS 100

CJ 101

COM 111

ECE 200

ECO 111

ENG 111

ESC 101

HST 131

IT 101

PHL 101

PHY 101

PLS 141

PSY 161

SOC 171

THF 101

NISH 111

NISH 112

ARB 111

ARB 112 

FR 111  

FR 112

SPAN 111

SPAN 112      

Two Dimensional Design

Introduction to Biology

General Biology I

Fundamentals of Chemistry

Introduction to Computers



Foundations of Early Childhood Education


English Composition I

Earth Science

History of the U.S. 1607-1870

Network +

Introduction to Philosophy

Concepts in Physics

Intro. to American Government

Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to Sociology

Survey of Theatre

Elementary Anishnaabemowin

Intermediate Anishnaabemowin

Elementary Arabic

Intermediate Arabic

Elementary French

Intermediate French

Elementary Spanish

Intermediate Spanish

Because dual enrollment students are integrated into existing college courses, they have the opportunity to engage with students from other backgrounds and perspectives in addition to gaining the knowledge and skills related to the course content.

Concurrent enrollment classes are offered in the high school with a minimum enrollment of 10 students.  These courses are taught by a high school teacher who has been qualified as an adjunct instructor by North Central or by an adjunct instructor hired by North Central at the request of the high school.  Concurrent enrollment classes follow the same course syllabus and semester guidelines as other North Central courses. North Central Michigan College faculty members and associate deans will work collaboratively with adjunct instructors in the high schools to ensure that course content and assessment are aligned and comparable for the MMC and DQP.

In order to allow for course planning for both students and instructors, please identify your concurrent enrollment courses and instructors and provide that information to North Central by April 15, 2013. The College will publish and distribute a list of all concurrent course offerings to participating schools by May 1, 2013 to enable you to recommend cross registration when appropriate. A designated current North Central faculty member or associate dean will reach out to your designated high school teachers for course planning before the end of the 2012-13 academic year. This will enable them to work as a team regarding the best delivery strategies for the course.



Course Code  Course Title


ARTS 100

ARTS 103

B 104

B 155

B 111

B 211

CAP 125  

CAP 135

CAP 140

CAP 150  

CAP 160

CIS 100    

CIS 104

CIS 125

CIS 225    

COM 111 

COM 170

ECE 200

ECE 215

ENG 111

ENGR 107

HTM 121

M 200

OAS 101

OAS 116

OAS 254     

PLS 141

PSY 255

SOC 171

SPAN 111

SPAN 112 

TDT 130

Body Systems & Diseases

Two Dimensional Design

Color Theory

Business Math

Personal Finance

Accounting Procedures

Principles of Accounting I

Microsoft Excel

Web Page Design

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Introduction to Adobe InDesign

Introduction to Digital Audio and Video

Introduction to Computers

Introduction to Programming Logic

PC Hardware

Introduction to Java Programming I


Interpersonal Communication

Foundations of Early Childhood Education

Child Guidance & Communication Skills

English Composition I

Engineering Graphics

Intro. to Hospitality Industry

Introduction to Marketing

Customer Service

Medical Terminology

Desktop Publishing for the Office

Introduction to American Government

Child Psychology

Introduction to Sociology

Elementary Spanish

Intermediate Spanish

Introduction to CAD

As shown below, North Central Now! enables a student to earn individual course credit or to complete the following certificate programs, making significant progress toward an Associate Degree before graduating from high school. (Note: All courses listed as concurrent are also available through the dual enrollment model.)



Course   Credit Model
CAP 125 MS Excel 3 Concurrent
CIS 100 Introduction to Computers 3 Concurrent
CIS 104 Introduction to Programming Logic 3 Concurrent
COM 170 Interpersonal Communication 3 Concurrent
ENG 111 English Composition I 3 Concurrent
ENGR 107 Engineering Graphics 3 Concurrent
MATH 110 Beginning/Intermediate Algebra I 3 Dual
TDT 130 Introduction to CAD 3 Concurrent
TDT 132 Advanced CAD 3 Dual
TDT 140 Architectural CAD 3 Dual
Total Credits   31  



Course   Credit Model
CAP 135 Web Page Design 3 Concurrent
CAP 140 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 3 Concurrent
CAP 160 Introduction to Digital Audio/Video 3 Concurrent
CAP 210 Advanced Web Page Design 3 Dual
CAP 215 Advanced Digital Audio/Video 3 Dual
OAS 101 Customer Service 1 Concurrent
Total Credits   16  



Course   Credit Model
ARTS 100 Two Dimensional Design 3 Concurrent
ARTS 103 Color Theory 3 Concurrent
ARTS 270 Graphic Design I 3 Dual
CAP 135 Web Page Design 3 Concurrent
CAP 140 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 3 Concurrent
CAP 145 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 3 Concurrent
CAP 150 Introduction to adobe InDesign 3 Concurrent
OAS 101 Customer Service 1 Concurrent
Total Credits   22



Course   Credit Model
B 111 Accounting Procedures 3 Concurrent
ENG 111 English Composition I 3 Concurrent
OAS 101 Customer Service 1 Concurrent
OAS 121 Keyboarding & Software Fundamentals 3 Concurrent
OAS 141 Filing and Records Management 2 Dual
OAS 190 Employability Skills 1 Dual
OAS 252 Microsoft Office for Windows 3 Concurrent
Total Credits   16  


In addition to the courses listed above, North Central welcomes the opportunity to work with specific high schools with exemplary programs to build a pathway to two and four year degree completion options.


Student Performance and Transcript

Dual and concurrent enrollment classes are designed to challenge highly motivated students. Course requirements and grading standards are the same as those in courses offered on campus. Students should be aware that the credits and grades earned through concurrent and dual enrollment will appear on a North Central Michigan College transcript that will serve as a part of their permanent academic record. It will also be used to calculate the student’s cumulative grade point average, satisfactory academic progress for financial aid and must be disclosed to other colleges and universities when transferring.


Apply for Admission to North Central

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