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Building Renovation

Project Status

ncmc prepares for building renovation, beginning january 2020

  • Classes will continue to be held in the AD/CL during winter semester 2020. 
  • Demolition of former Business Office and adjacent classrooms begins January 2020.
  • Construction begins in former Business Office and adjacent classrooms March 2020.
  • The main classroom building will be vacated, with the exception of the administration area and the IT department from May through August 2020.
    • The main/first entrance to the College on Howard street will be blocked off. Only construction vehicles and administration staff will be authorized to use this entrance to access their parking in lot #3. Parking lot #2 will be blocked off and will be used as a construction staging area.
    • All others wishing to access the north parking lot #1 or parking lot #7 behind the Tech building are asked to enter and exit using Atkins Road.
    • All Howard Road traffic will be routed past the main entrance on Howard Street to access parking lots #4 behind the library, #5 by the residence halls and #6 behind the gym which will not be affected during this renovation.

PLEASE NOTE: The public can still enjoy all that the College has to offer. The Luncheon Lectures, Community Interest Classes and Corporate and Community Education classes will not be affected.

The College encourages visitors to park behind the Library (Lot #4) or the Student and Community Resource Center (Lot #6). Harris Gardens and court yard area will have designated walk ways due to creation of a temporary construction road through August 2021.‚Äč