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Building Renovation

Project Status

Schedule is temporarily delayed

October 28, 2019 - Communication from Dr. Finley

Late Friday afternoon, David Hartnett and I spoke with both the State of Michigan Budget Analyst and the DTMB Project Director Services Manager re: the AD/CL Building Renovation Project.

So as to not exceed the $7.4 million budget, it is proposed that the project be modified as follows.

  1. Student Services First-Stop—move the primary, student-facing functions into the Admin/ Classroom Building, leaving the secondary, more-detailed functions a short walk away.  Primary functions include an Advising/Career Center, Admissions, and the Business Office.  (SAME)  Secondary functions include comprehensive Advising, Registrar’s Office, and Financial Aid.
  2. Doubling the IT Department footprint in the building  (SAME)
  3. 6000 sq. ft. South Addition into the Harris Sculpture Garden, with a Student Commons on the upper level and three 24-seat, high-tech classrooms on the lower level  (SAME)
  4. Two additional high-tech classrooms to be added in the facility (SAME), as well as an additional collaboration/conferencing/adaptable classroom space for groups of 16-24.
  5. Hallways/Corridors would be upgraded and sound-proofed, so as to provide a better learning environment (SAME), and a new building entrance/vestibule would be added on the west end
  6. The Student Services functions of Student Engagement/Recruiting and K-12 Outreach will be placed into the existing office suite at the west end of the corridor.  (SAME)  As HVAC equipment needed for the South Addition will displace the NCMC Foundation, these offices will also be placed into this existing office suite.

We were informed that modifications to the project are deemed to be a material scope change.  As such, this change will require legislative approval.  The news gets positive from here…

The DTMB fully supports this scope change, and the Budget Office has crafted a letter dated Oct. 25, 2019 recommending the same.  They understand the challenges of the current construction environment.

The Michigan legislature will be in session for the next two weeks, and again for three weeks in December.  The best case is that we are written into a supplement appropriations bill that moves prior to Nov. 7.  Alternatively, the next window is December.  It was noted that other institutions are also requesting legislative approval for scope and/or budget changes.

Although we must travel this formal legislative approval path, the intent of DTMB is to keep the AD/CL Building Renovation Project on schedule.  David Hartnett and I will work with Neumann/Smith Architecture and Clark Construction to travel this path over the next several weeks.

Thanks for your continued support of this important first step in the bold vision for North Central.


October 23, 2019 - A second round of bids was recently solicited for the AD/CL Renovation Project, as the first round had come back significantly over budget. Bids were opened earlier this month, and again they were over budget. 

We are required by the State to stay within the originally prescribed budget of $7.4 million. To spend more would require State approval, and that would extend the process by several months. Time, however, is of the essence to secure the contractors who are part of the latest bidding round and to retain the $3.4 million capital outlay allocated by the State.

Given record-high construction costs, particularly in Northern Michigan, and unprecedented State budgetary negotiations, North Central’s top priority is finding the most direct path to project completion, while meeting the needs of students, all while living within our means.

The Building Tomorrow Together fundraising campaign continues to move forward and its success remains of paramount importance in helping the college see this project through to fruition and laying the groundwork for the future evolution of campus. 

You will be kept informed of new project information as it becomes available.