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Building Renovation

Employee Relocation Updates

Check here for updated internal relocation information

March 2021 --

  • March 2, 2021 - The Student Services Suite located next to the "First Stop" is now occupied with Laura Nash (office 131A), Kim Dickinson (office 131E), Mary Mummaw (office 131C), Laurie Cornett (main suite #131) and Renee Deyoung (office #131B). 
  • Joe Balinski is in his new office #43.
  • During the week of March 1, 2021, Doug Tippett (office #125),

February 2021 --

  • Corey Lansing has relocated to the AD/CL "First Stop."
  • The following individuals in student servies have relocatd to the AD/CL building: Nicki Morris (office #38), Katlyn Hansen (office #46), Kate Gardner (office #45) and Rudi Raab (office #134).

November 2020 -- 

  • Foundation team moved into their new space in AD/CL

October 2020 -- 

  • Corey Lansing has relocated to AD/CL 134

September 2020 -- 

  • Corey Lansing has temporarily relocated to the AD/CL administration area.
  • The mailboxes, formerly located in the administration area, are now located across the hall from the admin. area in what was Corey Lansing's office. This area also has a new Biz Hub for use by faculty.
  • All AD/CL Offices will reopen with current occupants, except 054 (storage), 134 (Mike Malleis has relocated to Tech Bldg.), 138 (James McCullough), and 139. 

May 2020 – 

  • Foundation staff, Chuck Hayes and Michelle Andrews will be working remotely through the summer. Sara Glasgow will move to the library. Summer Faculty and Adjunct office and computer access will be distributed around campus. Corey Lansing to remain in current office.

March 2020 - 

  • Construction begins in former Business Office and adjacent classrooms.

January 2020 – 

  • Student Outreach and Recruiting staff -- Corey Lansing is located in the AD/CL and Ashley Antonishen is located in Student Services. 
  • Business office, formerly located in the Main Classroom Building, has moved to the Library. This includes accounts receivable and student accounts.
  • Demolition of former Business Office and adjacent classrooms begins.