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Tuition and Fees

North Central Michigan College 2019–2020
Tuition and Fee Calculator

Tuition Rate for Emmet County Residents - $125 per contact hour

Tuition Rate for In-State Residents - $207 per contact hour

Tuition Rate for Out-of-State Residents - $269 per contact hour


North Central Uses Contact Hours to Calculate Tuition and Fees.

  • Contact hours are the total hours per week of scheduled classroom, lab and clinical instruction time.
  • Contact hours for billing purposes will vary and are listed in the class schedule.

There are various components to calculating your college costs for each semester. Definitions for each component follow the Tuition and Fee Calculator. The calculator produces an estimated cost. Actual costs will be calculated at the time of registration.

Tuition Rate Note:

Nursing: Students registering for Nursing (NUR) classes are charged these per contact hour tuition rates: $155 in-district, $237 out-of-district and $299 out-of-state.

Tuition Rate Note:

For cost information on dual and concurrent enrolled high school students, contact Student Services at 231-348-6605.

(max of 15 contact hrs. or $22.50 apply only in fall & winter semester) $1.50 per contact hour on campus.
Number of contact hours on Petoskey Campus or On-line: $15.00 per contact hour
Number of contact hours Off Campus: $2.50 per contact hour
Are you a:

Check the schedule of Classes to determine if your classes have a course fee. Add them to your total.

Number of Online Classes: $25.00 per class

These rates reflect the 2019-20 academic school year.

For students that will be living in the campus residence hall, the following fees are applicable per semester. You will need to add them to your estimated tuition for the semester.

Residence Hall
Double Room:                          $1,850.00 each semester
Single Room:                            $2,450.00 each semester

Meal Plan
Silver Meal Plan:                        $675.00 each semester
Gold Meal Plan:                          $975.00 each semester
Platinum Meal Plan:               $1,300.00 each semester

* The meal card value at the end of the fall semester can be carried over to the winter semester. Residence Hall students must still purchase a meal plan each semester; silver, gold or platinum.


Fee Definitions

Registration $3.50 per contact hr. or partial contact hr. All Students Every semester

Supports the registration process, and includes unlimited processing and mailing of official transcripts.

Technology $4 per contact hr. All Students Every semester

Supports the maintenance of hardware and software systems for instruction and administrative services.

Student Success $1 per contact hr. All Students Every semester Supports college initiatives to promote retention and completion and to enhance our students' experience in the classroom.
Activity $1.50 per contact hr. Maximum of 15 contact hrs. Students registering for Petoskey campus courses Every semester (excluding summer) Supports events and activities on campus, e.g. Lecture Series, all student organizations and Photo ID Card.
Building & Energy Conservation $15 per contact hr. Students registering for Petoskey, online or hybrid courses Every semester Funds energy conservation measures, and maintenance and renewal of classrooms and buildings. Which include on-line course infrastructure support costs for servers and routers.
Off-Campus Operations $2.50 per contact hr. Students registering for off-campus courses Every semester Recovers a portion of the cost of classroom rental, equipment and staff for Gaylord, Cheboygan and off-campus sites.

New Student

Returning Student



All new students, other than dual enrolled, non-degree seeking and university guest students. One-time Supports orientation costs and enrollment services to new students
Course Varies by Course All students by course Every semester Supports purchase of instructional materials.
  $25 per course All online courses Every semester Supports maintenance of Online courses