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Career Assessment

Career assessment is one way to find an appropriate college major and a career path. No test, however, will isolate "one" career that you must follow!

There are three online career assessment instruments available through the Student Services Office for students and non-students.


Please choose only one of these tests to begin your career search.

1.  Strong Interest Inventory®, SII

  • Identifies career options that reflect your interests in 122 occupational fields.
  • Assists you in choosing appropriate education and training.
  • Helps you understand how elements of a job may differ from studying the subject (i.e. enjoying a Psychology course is different from liking the daily work requirements performed by a Psychologist.)
  • Identifies typical college majors and extracurricular activities or internships that provide "real-world" experience.
  • Shows your preferences for risk-taking, leadership and teamwork.
  • Includes 3 reports, 22 pages.
  • $30.00 for NCMC students and alumni; $40.00 for all others.


2.  iStartStrong version of the Strong Interest Inventory®, SII

  • Identifies careers that reflect your interests.
  • Shows possible education and training programs.
  • Helps you identify satisfying work environments.
  • Identifies enjoyable activities for your free time.
  • This is a customized, online report with results emailed to you within 2 business days after test completion.
  • Does not require that you meet with a counselor for test interpretation.
  • $15.00 for NCMC students and alumni; $20.00 for all others.


3.  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)©, Step I

  • Choose this test if you are more interested in understanding "who you are" than obtaining specific career titles.
  • Identifies job families, or broad occupational categories.
  • Assists you in selecting a college major or course of study.
  • Aids you in choosing a specific job or career, or a career transition or shift.
  • Identifies strengths & potential weaknesses of your type in career search process.
  • Includes 2 reports (11 pages) plus booklet.
  • $30.00 for NCMC students and alumni; $40.00 for all others.


Procedure for taking the career assessments:

  1. Pay Cashier the fee for the specific test you will be taking, see prices above.
  2. Bring receipt to Student Services front desk.  They will take your information and the assessment link will be emailed to your North Central Email address if applicable.
  3. Take the online assessment at your leisure (usually takes 30-40 minutes).
  4. If the test requires an interpretive appointment, schedule it after taking the assessment online.  Please make an appointment by calling 231-348-6605 or stopping by Student Services. Interpretive appointments are scheduled for 1.5 hours.