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Career Assessment

Career assessment is one way to find an appropriate college major and a career path. No test, however, will isolate "one" career that you must follow!

There are three online career assessment instruments available through the Student Services Office for students and non-students.


Please choose only one of these tests to begin your career search.

1.  Strong Interest Inventory®, SII

         Contact Doug Tippett to schedule a test: or 231-439-6265

  • Identifies career options that reflect your interests in 122 occupational fields.
  • Assists you in choosing appropriate education and training.
  • Helps you understand how elements of a job may differ from studying the subject (i.e. enjoying a Psychology course is different from liking the daily work requirements performed by a Psychologist.)
  • Identifies typical college majors and extracurricular activities or internships that provide "real-world" experience.
  • Shows your preferences for risk-taking, leadership and teamwork.
  • Includes 3 reports, 22 pages.
  • No charge for NCMC students and alumni; $30.00 for all others.


2.  iStartStrong version of the Strong Interest Inventory®, SII

Contact Doug Tippett to schedule a test: or 231-439-6265

  • Identifies careers that reflect your interests.
  • Shows possible education and training programs.
  • Helps you identify satisfying work environments.
  • Identifies enjoyable activities for your free time.
  • This is a customized, online report with results emailed to you within 2 business days after test completion.
  • Does not require that you meet with a counselor for test interpretation.
  • No charge for NCMC students and alumni; $15.00 for all others.


3.  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)©, Step I

Contact Mary Mummaw, MA, LPC, to schedule a test: or 231-348-6700

  • Choose this test if you are more interested in understanding "who you are" than obtaining specific career titles.
  • Identifies job families, or broad occupational categories.
  • Assists you in selecting a college major or course of study.
  • Aids you in choosing a specific job or career, or a career transition or shift.
  • Identifies strengths & potential weaknesses of your type in career search process.
  • Includes 2 reports (11 pages) plus booklet.
  • No charge for NCMC students and alumni; $30.00 for all others.