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Campus Housing

Certificate, Associate & Bachelor's Degree Students

Different students have different goals during their college careers.

Whether you are looking for a certificate, associate degree, or bachelor's degree, as long as you are a full-time student, Campus Housing can be your home.  For more information about North Central programs and degrees, click here to choose a program or call Student Services at (231) 348-6605 to schedule an appointment with a counselor or academic advisor.


North Central offers many certificate programs designed to give you the training you need in many of today’s high demand professions. 

Associate Degree

North Central students have found that receiving their associate degree has been the gateway to a great career or the first step to success at a university. 

Bachelor's Degree

Why not stay in Campus Housing for four years?  North Central has partnered with major universities to offer bachelor's degrees to North Central students right on the Petoskey campus, making it easy to stay for four years! 

Choosing to stay at North Central is great way to save money too, with more credits taken at North Central’s low tuition rates.  For more information on the Petoskey University Center programs, visit the University Center.

Many of North Central’s Resident Assistants are completing a bachelor’s degree and are receiving scholarships that cover most of the costs for living on campus!