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We encourage students to come to college fully immunized to protect their health.

The meningococcal meningitis and Hepatitis B vaccines are recommended prior to living in the College residence hall. Immunizations are one of the most effective public health measures in preventing communicable diseases. More information can be found at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) site:

Residence Hall

The Residence Hall Handbook and Residence Hall/Meal Plan Contract will constitute the North Central Michigan College Contract. This agreement becomes legally binding on both parties when a Residence Hall/Meal Plan Contract is received and accepted by the Housing Department or the resident takes occupancy.

Residence Hall Occupancy

The Residence Hall will open the Friday before classes begin at 10 am, and close the Friday after the last week of classes, at 6:00 PM for the fall semester and at 2:00 PM for the winter semester. Students, who have Friday evening, Saturday morning classes or participate in Commencement exercises, may gain permission to stay until Saturday noon by making prior arrangements with the Director of Campus Housing. The Residence Hall will be closed for Thanksgiving Break, Semester Break, and Spring Break. Residents may not occupy their rooms during this time. Students who must remain in the Petoskey area should make other arrangements for housing during that period.

Residents who are returning to the same room after a semester break may leave personal belongings in the room at their own risk.

Leon Nash


Leon Nash
Director of Campus Housing


Meal Service and Plans

Meal Service

Meal Plans

The Cafeteria will begin serving meals the first day of classes. Breakfast and lunch will be served Monday thru Friday and dinner will be served Monday thru Thursday. Brunch will be served on Saturdays. The Cafeteria will be closed on Sundays and during all Holiday breaks. In the case of a snow day, the cafeteria will open at 10 a.m. and close at 2 p.m. Grab and goes will be available. Cafeteria hours are:

The Cafeteria hours are:
Monday through Thursday

  • Iron Horse Café - 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Hot Lunch Special - 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Dinner Special – 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Half Way Café - 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • Friday's - 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Saturday's - 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Note:  hot lunch and dinner specials are available until sold out.  Other offerings are always available.

Hot lunch includes your entrée with two sides for $5.95 (check the menu boards in the IHC for more info daily). Served from 11a.m. to 2p.m. or while quantities last.

Dinner served as a plated special Monday through Thursday. Included is your entrée with two sides for $7.25. Dinner is served from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. or while quantities last.

Students living in Campus Housing are required to purchase a meal plan each semester for use at North Central's Iron Horse Café or in the Halfway Café.  Three types of meal plans are available to choose from. Unused amounts from the fall semester can be carried over and used during the winter semester.  Winter semester balances do not carry over to subsequent semesters. *Meal Plans are non-refundable

Silver Meal Plan
If a student chooses to have Hot Lunch on Monday through Thursday for $24/week, he/she will have approximately $20/week for breakfast, snacks, weekend food, and additional beverages.

Gold Meal Plan
If a student chooses both the Hot Lunch and the Hot Dinner (Our most economical options) Monday through Thursday, the base cost would be $60/week, leaving approximately $8/week for breakfast, snacks, weekend food, and additional beverages.

Platinum Meal Plan
If a student chooses both the Hot Lunch and the Hot Dinner (our most economical options) Monday through Thursday, the base cost would be $60/week, leaving approximately $28/week for breakfast, snacks, weekend food, and additional beverages.

Residence Hall Policies

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Alcohol Policy

College policy prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages by any student living in the residence hall. Regardless of your age, you are NOT permitted to bring alcoholic beverages into the residence hall. Residents and guests may not store or possess alcohol, or empty containers of alcohol. This includes containers used as decorations. The local authorities will be notified of any infractions of this policy which may result in your prompt removal from the residence hall. We have a zero tolerance policy at North Central.

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Assignment Policy

It is the responsibility of the Director of Campus Housing to fill the Hall to capacity (134 students) and may adjust housing conditions as the need arises. Your preferences are considered according to the date the College received your campus residence application and your first housing and food payment. However, preferences cannot be guaranteed. North Central Michigan College is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in all its operations and facilities.

Automobiles and Parking

Campus traffic regulations are detailed in the North Central Michigan Student Handbook (located on the North Central Michigan College website). Please read and understand them. Special parking regulations apply to the residence hall parking lot during the winter months. These will be detailed on the lobby dry erase board.

To keep the sidewalks and lawn clear for everyone, no vehicles are allowed on the sidewalks or at the fire exits by the residence hall. Vehicles are also not allowed to park in front of the dumpsters. Doing so will be grounds to have the vehicle towed at owner's expense. When residents are moving in or out of the residence hall, the Director of Campus Housing or a Resident Assistant must give special permission to park in those areas.

Every resident with a vehicle on campus will be asked to display a parking pass in the upper right side of their vehicle’s windshield. Overnight guests with vehicles will be issued a guest pass to be displayed in the upper right side of their vehicle’s windshield.

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You are welcome to bring your bike to campus, and outside racks are provided for you to use. We recommend that you use a lock when your bike is in the rack. Bicycle racks will be removed and placed in storage during the winter months. Please make arrangements to take your bike home by Thanksgiving Break. Bikes remaining on the bike rack after Thanksgiving Break will be removed and discarded in order to store the bike racks.

For safety reasons, bicycles cannot be stored in the residence hall. Any bicycles parked in the corridors, entrances or stairways will be removed.

Bulletin Boards

The large bulletin board in the lobby is used for commercial advertising, local announcements, educational and persity purposes. All daily notices are placed on the white dry erase board in the main lobby and behind the Front Desk. The RA staff and Director of Campus Housing have exclusive authority for the maintenance of all bulletin boards.

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Fire safety is of great concern to the College. Fire regulations in the residence hall are designed for everyone's safety. Halogen lamps, propane, air gas cylinders, candles, oil lamps, burning incense, or any other open flame devices or combustible materials are not allowed in the hall. Paper materials must be kept to a minimum. Real Christmas trees are not allowed. The use or possession of fireworks, other explosives and potentially harmful chemicals is also prohibited in the residence hall and in its immediate vicinity.

Individuals who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary and / or legal action, which may result in dismissal from the Residence Hall.

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Damage Control Policy

It is everyone's responsibility to keep all areas of the residence hall in the best condition possible. In order to be fair to everyone, anyone responsible for damage to a room or a common room should make financial restitution. Every attempt is made to be fair in the assessment of damages and in discovering the person(s) responsible. All rooms will be inspected periodically by the Residence Life Staff, and the initial condition of the room is noted when students move in. All residents are responsible for maintaining their rooms in a clean and orderly manner.

If you are leaving the residence hall, charges for damages are deducted from the damage deposit that you pay prior to checking into the living units. If you will be returning to the residence hall for the next academic year, your damage deposit will be retained, you will be billed for any damages/fees, and any deficiency in funds will need to be repaid prior to moving back on campus. The damage deposit less any money owed to the College will be refunded when you leave the residence hall.

Charges will be made to all occupants of a room for damages, unless those responsible are identified/confirmed. Damages which have not been accounted for during the year will be assessed equally to the remaining occupants at the end of the year. Maintenance and housekeeping deficiencies, charges for broken fixtures, will be equally assessed to all residents of the living unit unless the person or persons responsible are identified and assume full responsibility.

If you know who is responsible for residence hall damages, it is your responsibility to tell your RA or the Director of Campus Housing. We would rather charge only the individual(s) responsible for the damage, and we need your information in order to do so. Once billing has been made for the damages, it is too late to name persons responsible. To assist us in the goal of identifying responsible persons, the Residence Hall is installed with motion sensor, cameras.

Students who are guilty of deliberate damage are subject to disciplinary action. Noncompliance with cleaning and move out guidelines can lead to fine assessments and / or disciplinary action.

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We encourage you to add personal touches to your room, but we do ask that you keep in mind good taste, safety, and the rights and sensibilities of other residents. Each student is responsible for the condition of the furniture, walls, windows, and floors in the assigned room. Nails, hooks, tacks and tape can all mar or damage walls or furniture; therefore none of these are allowed except on bulletin boards. We also ask that you use common sense in hanging pictures in order to avoid wall damage. You will be charged for any damage that you cause in your room.

The use of water furniture is not allowed due to the potential damage involved. Barnwood, paneling, live Christmas trees, halogen lamps, and other flammable materials are not permitted because they are fire hazards. Alcohol bottles and cans cannot be used as a form of decoration in the rooms and will be confiscated/documented if found in the rooms.

Mini indoor Christmas lights (UL approved for indoor use) can be put up following Thanksgiving break through Christmas break, but must be taken down before leaving for Christmas break.

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Drugs or Illegal Substances

The possession, use, sale, distribution or manufacture of any illegal substance is prohibited in any building or on any property owned and / or controlled by the College. This policy will be strictly enforced. Violators will be subject to disciplinary and / or legal action which may result in dismissal from the Residence Hall. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of your housing contract very carefully.

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Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment such as space heaters, hot plates, coffee makers (including Keurig style), electric burners, popcorn poppers, air conditioners, sun lamps, spider lamps, lava lamps, lamps with plastic shades and toasters cannot be used in the residence hall for electrical and safety reasons. Electrical cooking appliances may only be used in the kitchenettes. All lights and appliances must be UL approved for indoor use. Possession of any cooking equipment of this nature must be approved by and registered with the Director of Campus Housing.

You may also direct any questions you have about whether an appliance is appropriate to the Director of Campus Housing. The electrical system is not designed to carry heavy loads of electrical equipment. Voltages can fluctuate, so residents with stereos and personal computers should invest in surge protectors. The College will not accept liability for damage of electrical equipment.

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Entry and Search Procedures

North Central Michigan College recognizes and respects the rights of its students to have privacy with respect to their personal belongings. The College also recognizes its responsibility to provide a wholesome environment, to protect public property and to protect the health and safety of all members of the College community. The College (represented by an RA or other appropriate official) reserves the right to enter College rooms under any of the following circumstances:

  1. when there is an immediate threat to the health and safety of the occupants or to College property.
  2. with permission of a resident.
  3. with a search warrant.
  4. by College personnel in the course of utilizing recognized legal authority of their responsibilities as College employees.
  5. to eliminate disruptive noise from electrical sound equipment which may violate an individual's right to sleep, study, read, and relax.
  6.  by College personnel and their designated agents for repair, replacement or inspection of College property.
  7. by an RA and/or Director of Campus Housing to complete closing and check-out procedures, or
  8. during non-residency periods, such as between semesters or the Christmas Break.

Rooms are the sole property of the College and not the resident's. College staff will conduct routine inspections and maintenance activities from time to time. The College reserves the right to remove from the room without the resident's permission; any objects or materials which constitute a health or safety hazard, or are the property of the College. The College does not assume responsibility for items of a personal nature that are damaged, lost or stolen.

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Fire Fighting Equipment, Drills, and Safety

Fire alarms, extinguishers and smoke detectors are placed in the residence hall for your protection against fires. It is against the law (Michigan Comp. Laws, Section 16607) to use them for any other purpose. If it is determined that tampering has occurred, disciplinary action will be taken which may include, but may not be limited to, fines. Inspections will be made on a regular basis.

Residents discharging fire extinguishers needlessly, turning on false fire alarms, or tampering with smoke detectors and/or fire alarms will face serious disciplinary action by the College as well as possible action by state and federal officials. Violations of this nature could result in termination of campus residence (and/or expulsion from North Central Michigan College.)

When a fire extinguisher has been used, please report it immediately to the RAs, Director of Campus Housing or custodians.

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Fire Drill Evacuations:

Periodic fire drills are performed in the Residence Hall. At the sound of the fire alarm, you need to close your windows, vacate the room, shut the door behind you, and exit the building immediately. Move quietly and orderly out the nearest exit and away from the building at least 50 feet beyond the outside door. The building should not be re-occupied until an authorized all-clear signal is given. Meeting location for all residents is outside of the cafeteria main entrance. You can then re-renter the building when given authorization by a staff member. This process is easiest if everyone moves quietly and orderly back through the same door which they left the building. For your own safety and that of everyone else in the building, you are required to comply with all fire drills. Anyone not evacuating a building will face disciplinary action.

Treat every alarm as a real emergency. Stay calm, but act fast. If you are in your room, test the door:


Open it cautiously. Be ready to shut the door if smoke, heat or flames are apparent. If the hallway is clear, close the door behind you and exit by the nearest stairway. Get away from the building and stay away.


Don't open it, fill the crack at the bottom of the door with wet towels or a rug. Call the fire department to report that you are trapped: give your floor and room number. Go to the window to attract the attention of the fire department. Stay calm: the first duty of the firefighters is to search for persons trapped in the burning building.


Get down and crawl quickly to the nearest exit. A wet cloth held over your nose and mouth will help filter out smoke, heat and gasses.

Your assistance is required to keep the building fire-safe. Tour your floor and the hall to know the location of all floor exits, alarm boxes and extinguishers. There is fire-fighting equipment on each floor. Keep corridors clear, do not prop open the special fire protective doors located at the entrance of each corridor. Limit room decorations to nonflammable materials. If you discover a fire pull the nearest fire alarm and exit the building.

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Firearms and Explosives

Firearms, paintball guns or any type of air gun, bow and arrows, ammunition, fireworks, gasoline and other combustible or explosive items are not permitted in the residence hall.

SCRC Fitness Room

Residence hall student are eligible to work out in the SCRC fitness rooms.  To work out in the fitness rooms, students need to go to the SCRC main fitness office and sign a liability/rules form the first time you work out.    The facility will be available during normal hours of operations.  Students must follow all rules and regulations of the SCRC workout rooms.  Residence hall students are required to show their student ID card and sign in each time they use the facility.  No college credit will be given to any student for this use.    To receive college credit for the PE class, you must sign up for the PE 116/216 class and pay the tuition and fees associated with the class.   

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Front Desk Reception

The Front Desk offers service for information, package pick-up and mail, recreational equipment, trash bags, toilet paper, vacuums, board games, cards, and keys to the kitchenette. Those individuals who rent out any of the equipment are responsible for its return. Don't lend any item you check out from the front desk to another person, as you are responsible for it. Messages will be noted and placed on the message board behind the front desk. If you see your name on the message board, inquire with the Front Desk student worker.

Night Staff are responsible for the security of the building during their assigned shifts. Front doors are locked 24/7. You will need to use your magnetic key fob to gain entry.

The Hall Custodian ensures the daily cleanliness of hall corridors, lounges and other public areas. However, you are responsible for cleaning up after yourself in these areas when finished. Maintenance staff will make repairs to permanent fixtures in your room such as heating, plumbing or light fixtures. Please report maintenance requests to the residence hall front desk.

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Garbage Disposal

Residents are expected to package all garbage and trash in plastic bags, tied securely and place inside dumpsters supplied for this purpose. It is the responsibility of the student to dispose of all garbage, including empty cardboard boxes, to the dumpsters. Garbage is not to be left in lobbies or common areas.

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GPA and Credit Requirement

The North Central Michigan College Residence Hall is a service provided to assist students with their academic pursuit.

Credit Requirement

GPA Requirement

Residents are required to take a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester (full time student).

If a student fails to remain enrolled or stops attending classes, the Director of Housing reserves the right to terminate the contract and the student will be removed from the residence hall. This includes classes dropped before or after the course drop period. In addition, students must complete 67% of credits attempted each semester to not be placed on Residence Hall Probation.

Residents must maintain a minimum GPA to live in the Residence Hall. The GPA requirement is as follows:

Must maintain a 2.0 or above, overall GPA

Must maintain a 2.0 GPA each semester

Each semester your overall and semester GPA will be reviewed. Failure to maintain a 2.0 GPA will result in your placement of Residence Hall probation.

Residence Hall Probation

If you fall below the credit or either of the minimum GPA requirements, you will be required to:

Meet with the Director of Campus Housing, during move-in weekend of the semester prior to the first day of classes to discuss a Student Success Academic Plan. Typically, this requires taking SD 125 or similar course.

If you continue to fall below the 12 credit hour and/or the 2.0 GPA requirements, but are working on your progress by following through with the Student Success Academic Plan, your ability to continue living on campus will be reviewed by the Director of Campus Housing as well as the Vice President of Student Affairs. However, if you continue to fall below the 2.0 GPA and are not following through with the above expectations then you will be asked to move out at the end of that semester.


Because we live in a community, it is the responsibility of each resident to give particular attention to their own personal hygiene in order to contribute to optimal congenial group living. Residents who fail to live accordingly may be subject to disciplinary action. Each floor will take part in monthly health and wellness checks to ensure a high level of safety and quality of living for all residents.

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Residents who become incapacitated as a result of drinking, drug use or a medical condition will receive proper emergency medical care when staff members become aware of their condition. Residents will be financially responsible for the costs of the medical care including ambulance and/or hospitalization costs. Students who are in violation of the college, local, state or federal laws concerning alcohol and/or other drugs are subject to penalties as prescribed by the law.

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Health Insurance: You may still be covered on your parents' insurance policies. If not, a packet of insurance plans with student discounts is available at the Student Services office.

Personal Property Insurance: The College is not liable for the loss of money or valuables by any person or for the loss sustained on the premises. Your parents' homeowners' insurance policy may cover private property away from home or you can have a rider attached. If not, you may wish to obtain renter's insurance.

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Internet Connection

Internet connection is free of charge in all the residence hall rooms. If you have specific questions, please see your Resident Assistant.

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When you check in, you will be issued a room key and a Front Door magnetic key card. The key card will open the main lobby entrance and the room key will open your assigned room. You are urged to be extremely careful in safeguarding your keys and to carry them at all times. Your keys are for your protection; they should not be given to anyone and it is a violation of College regulations to duplicate a room key. You should always keep your door locked when you are away from your room and when retiring in the evening.

Lost keys should be reported to your RA or Director of Campus Housing immediately. A replacement room key may be checked out for seven days, while you look for the lost key. Upon finding the lost key you must return the replacement key. After seven days, if you have not located your missing key, you will be responsible for a $50 charge accrued to either re-pin your room lock or replace the magnetic key card or both.

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Located on the West side and South Side 1st floors, there are kitchenettes available for resident use to prepare your meals. To gain access into the kitchenette you must trade your room key for the kitchenette key at the front desk between the hours of 8am to 10pm. While cooking, you must supervise your food the whole time and clean up thoroughly after you are finished. Lock the door and return the key to the front desk to receive yours back.

The kitchenettes will be checked regularly by the front desk staff, if the kitchenettes are found messy/out of order, it will be up to the person that last used to kitchenette to clean it up. Failure to comply could result in loss of kitchenette privileges. The kitchenette is a great way to get to know others by cooking with them and swapping family recipes.

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Laundry Facilities

Laundry rooms are located in both basements and on the 1st floor South Hall. The washing and drying machines are coin operated (a coin machine is located in the main lobby). Please do not attempt to wash large items such as sleeping bags and comforters or overload the washers and / or dryers. The College is not responsible for damage to your personal belongings while using the laundry equipment or when left unattended in the laundry facilities. Students may be assessed if damage is done to the equipment. For repairs contact your RA or the Director of Campus Housing.

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Lofts are not allowed in the residence hall. The building or attachment of any device to the physical structure of the residence hall or its furniture within a room is not permitted.

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Mail Service

Your mail will be delivered to your mailboxes once a day, Monday through Friday. You will receive your mail without delay if your address is listed in the following manner:

Your Name

Room Number

North Central Michigan College

1525 Howard Street

Petoskey, MI 49770

Residents are not considered permanent; only temporary. Therefore, this address cannot be used for permanent records.

If you receive a package you will get a message on the Message Board located behind the Front Desk. You can ask the front desk worker to get your package from the back room. Please check the Message Board and your mailbox on a daily basis as activity announcements, important college mail or campus news is often put in your mailbox.

When you check out of the residence hall, it is your responsibility to notify all of the people that you correspond with and let them know you have moved. Mail will be returned to sender. Please tell companies, book & music clubs of your new address. Mail will not be forwarded.

The USPS will not forward mail from a business address. The residence hall only accepts mail for those individuals currently living in campus housing. Students moving out of housing will need to contact the companies which you are receiving mail from and do an address change directly with those companies/organizations such as the state, bank, cell phone provider, credit card, etc. All mail received for non-residents will be stamped return to sender.

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If you experience or observe a maintenance problem (i.e. something broke, heating problems, etc), please report the problem to your RA, Director of Campus Housing, or Front Desk worker.

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Microwaves and Refrigerators

Microwave ovens are permitted, and must carry the UL label or its equivalent. Power must not exceed 1000 watts. A microwave is provided for the students in the lobby of the residence hall and in each of the kitchenettes.

Refrigerators used in the rooms must carry the UL label or its equivalent and draw no more than one and one half amps of electricity.

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Moving of College Equipment or Furniture

All furniture must remain in each resident's room. Moving and reorganizing of furniture increases the chances of damage. The resident will be charged for any damages (to the furniture, room, or building) caused from moving/reorganizing the furniture.

All of the original furniture must be reassembled at the end of the school year or a charge of $25.00 will be levied.

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Open Flames

Any source of open flames are not permitted in the residence hall except for a personal lighter.

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Pet Policy

Tropical fish are allowed in the rooms (12-gallon tanks maximum), but because of humanitarian and health reasons, other pets are not allowed and will not be considered in the campus living units. If pets are found in a living unit, the occupants will be subject to disciplinary action.

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Private, Single Rooms

There are a total of 28 private, or single, rooms in the Residence Hall. These rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students placed in a double upon request, must accept a roommate based upon the placement of the Director of Campus Housing. Those students who submit an application after all single rooms have been filled, will be required to live in a double room until such time as a single room becomes available. Selection for students to live in recently available single rooms will be made by the Director of Campus Housing.

You may be able to change room type (single to double or double to single) by completing a semester update form to the Director of Campus Housing. This form is due two weeks prior to the end of the Fall semester. If your roommate moves out, you must make sure that the room is ready for a roommate prior to departing for Semester Break.

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Quiet and Courtesy Hours

Quiet hours are intended to promote a pleasant learning environment in the halls in which students can sleep or study. Quiet hours are in effect from 11pm until 8am, Sunday through Thursday and from midnight (12am) until 10am on Fridays and Saturdays. During quiet hours, stereos or other amplified sound should not be heard beyond the confines of the individual's room. The use of headphones is highly recommended. Also no noise or other activities which can disturb others shall take place in the corridors or hallways. The lobby and game room are great places to visit, play games, or watch movies during the quiet hour time period.

24 hour courtesy hours are observed in the residence hall. This means that if your activities are infringing on other community members rights to study or sleep, they have the right to ask that you refrain from continued distractions.

The residence hall will observe 22-hour quiet hours during the final exam period each semester.

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Residence Hall Council

The Hall Council is an outlet for resident participation in decision making and for meeting the social, recreational and cultural needs of the residents. All residents may participate in a variety of activities sponsored by the Hall Council. These may include, but not limited to social events, educational programs, guest speakers and seminars, informal discussions with faculty and staff members, intramural sports and movies.

This is a great way to meet new people in the residence hall and get the most out of your college experience.

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Residence Hall Lobby and Common Areas

The residence hall lobby is a great place to meet and visit with friends. Because this is a community space and you and other residents' health is important, footwear (sock/sandal minimum) is required at all times.

The television ‘pit’ area is a great place to watch TV, study and visit. The plasma TV has cable and provides excellent viewing and sound. Please be respectful to others when planning your viewing and program selections. Films with excessive profanity and/or nudity will not be tolerated in open spaces. The remote controls can be checked out from the front desk. Please do not touch the television for any reason as extreme use will damage buttons and render the TV to a damaged status.

Residents must be respectful of the furniture and furnishings of the lobby and common areas. The removal and/or moving of any of these items from where they belong, including furniture, pictures, plants and waste baskets deprives others of their use. Such action will be considered theft and may be handled by a charge for replacement or by disciplinary or legal action. Please do not put your shoes on top of the furniture as it wears away on the fabric and wood. Your help with keeping the lobby nice and clean is appreciated! (Any damages assessed, that are not accounted for by the person(s) responsible, to either the Lobby or Common Areas will be charged equally to all residents at the end of the academic year.)

The lobby of the residence hall is a public lounge and often guests or prospective students come to visit the facility. Excessive inappropriate language is unacceptable in all lobby/public areas. Inappropriate behavior will also not be tolerated and those doing so will be asked to leave the lobby. The Director of Campus Housing and RA staff can/will temporarily or otherwise revoke a resident’s lobby privileges if the resident is found to be persistently breaking the lobby rules after documentations have been issued. It is also asked that the noise be kept at a reasonable level after 12:00am (midnight) till 8:00am the next morning. Suggestions are always welcome in improving this area. Please direct them to an RA or the Director of Campus Housing.

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Rollerblades, Skateboarding, and Ski Boots

Rollerblading and skateboarding are not permitted in any area of the college campus. Due to wear and tear on the carpeting and tile floors, ski boots and rollerblades are not to be worn inside the residence hall.

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Room Changes

There are two periods of time during which you can request to change your room assignment. Room changes will ONLY be considered during the third and fourth weeks of the semester and again the week before halls close for fall semester. Because frequent room changes break down community in the halls, room changes will only be considered at other times in the semester for extraordinary reasons at the discretion of the Director of Campus Housing. We need to know where all resident students are living at all times; no moves are to be made until the Director of Campus Housing has approved the room change.

If you want to change your room, you need to follow these procedures:

  1. Before a room change will be considered, you will have needed to talk with your RA and fill out a roommate agreement form. If problems persist, then speak with the Director of Campus Housing.
  2. Obtain a Room Change Request Form from the Director of Campus Housing.
  3. Complete the form with the required information.
  4. Obtain the necessary signatures on the form.
  5. Return the completed form to the Director of Campus Housing for approval.
  6. When the change is approved by the Director of Campus Housing, please follow check-out and checkin procedures for both your old and new rooms with the help of your RA.
  7. Return the Housing Check-out sheet and previous room key as well as the new Housing Check-In sheet to your RA within three (3) business days after you receive approval to move.

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Room Check-In Procedure

You can begin the check-in procedure by meeting with your RA at a predetermined location. You will then review and fill out/sign your Housing Check-In form and housing contract which should be reviewed very carefully before you sign it. These sheets record the exact condition of the room when you move in. You will be held responsible for any damages that occur to the room after you move into it. In the event of an improper checkout students will forfeit their damage deposit and be subject to additional charges depending on the condition the room was left in.

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Room Check-Out Procedure

It is very important that you complete the checkout procedure below when you are leaving the Residence Hall. If you don't, you will continue to be charged room and board until your check out is completed. Students may be subject to additional charges depending on the condition of the room in the event of an improper checkout.

Check-Out Steps

  1.  Speak with the Director of Campus Housing about your decision. Fill out the Intent to Leave Housing Form.
  2. Schedule your room check out with an available RA at least 24 hours in advance of your leaving.
  3. Take all of your personal belongings out of the room. Anything that you leave in the room after your last official date of occupancy will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of at the Director of Campus Housing's discretion.
  4. Check the Housing Check-out Form with your RA, noting any changes to the information on the sheets and leaving the room in good condition. Your RA will return this form along with your key to the Director of Campus Housing. Any damages and assessments to the room will be handled by the Director of Campus Housing.
  5. If you are withdrawing from the College, complete all necessary procedures before your departure.

End of semester move-out information will be made available at least two weeks prior to the end of each semester, but typically provided before Thanksgiving Break for Fall semester, and Spring Break for Winter semester.

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Room Cleaning

In a community-living situation. Everyone can have an impact on other residents' health, safety and enjoyment of their living space. Therefore, you are responsible for keeping your room reasonably clean. To ensure a reasonable level of health and safety, all rooms are inspected periodically by the Residential Life and/or maintenance staff.

The following are cleaning guidelines designed to ensure that the residence hall is safe and healthy for everyone:

  1. Remove all papers (including newspapers), magazines and garbage from all areas (bedroom and bathroom).
  2. Remove all empty beverage containers.
  3. Sweep floors. Remove all black marks and/or scuff marks.
  4. 4. Wash dirty dishes and cooking appliances.
  5. Thoroughly clean in and around toilets, sinks, shower areas and mirrors.
  6. Be very careful when defrosting fridges as any damage resulting from carelessness or negligence will be charged to the residents of the room. The College accepts no responsibility for lost food should refrigerators get unplugged.
  7. Safety and cleanliness in the residence hall are further ensured by regular room inspections. During these inspections all maintenance and housekeeping deficiencies will be noted and charges will be assessed.

At a minimum, room cleaning must occur prior to Thanksgiving, Semester, and Spring Breaks and one week prior to the end of the Winter semester. Failure to have rooms void of trash, unclean bathroom/sinks, not swept, mopped, etc. will result in a minimum fine of $50 per room for each occurrence.

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Room Furnishings

All residence hall student rooms are one- to two-person rooms. Students are furnished with a bed, mattress, study desk, desk chair, closet/wardrobe/ dresser. Each room also has window coverings. Bedding such as pillows and blankets must be provided by the residents. Sheets must be used by each resident over the mattress(es).

Room occupants may bunk beds. Students can pick up the necessary pins to do so from the front desk. Charges will be administered if the Residence Life and/or maintenance staff has to un-bunk beds at the end of the housing term. You are responsible for your furnishings while you occupy your room, and will be held accountable for anything that is missing or damaged (beyond normal wear) when you move out.

The following are not allowed: wood structures, for reasons of fire safety; alterations to College furniture and equipment; and outside internet, radio, and television antennas.

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"Roommate Bill of Rights"

Your enjoyment of life in a residence hall will depend, to a large extent, on the thoughtful consideration that you have for your roommate.

Basic rights of a roommate include:

  1. The right to read and study free from undue interference in your room. Unreasonable noise and other distractions can keep you from enjoying this right.
  2. The right to sleep without undue disturbance from noise, guests of your roommate, etc.
  3. The right to expect that a roommate will respect your personal belongings.
  4. The right to a clean environment in which to live.
  5. The right to free access to your room and facilities without pressure from a roommate.
  6. The right to personal privacy!
  7. The right to host guests, with the expectation that guests are to respect the rights of your roommate and other hall residents.
  8. The right for redress of grievances. Residence Life staff are available for assistance in settling conflicts.
  9. The right to be free from fear of intimidation, physical and / or emotional harm.
  10. The right to expect reasonable cooperation in the use of the room and bathroom.

Remember: To be a mature adult is to accept responsibility for the welfare of others. Only you can assure that your roommate enjoys these rights.

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Room Painting

Painting of any room or College property is not allowed.

Room Security

One of the best ways to prevent theft is to keep your doors locked when you are out of the room. Theft, no matter how trivial, should be reported immediately to the RA. Notify the Director of Campus Housing and your RA immediately if you think your room has been entered at any time by unauthorized people. It is recommended that you record the serial numbers of any equipment to make it easier to identify.

Before opening your door, ask any callers to identify themselves. Window draperies should be closed afte r dark, even when someone is in the room. Money and expensive items should be locked and kept in a safe place.

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Rough Play

Water fights, wrestling and other such rough play are not allowed in the residence hall. These activities often result in serious injuries to those participating. Those responsible for any damages caused from rough housing will be held accountable.

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Safety Away from the Residence Hall

If you are out after dark and someone seems to be following you, find a well-lighted and populated area as soon as possible. If you are driving, go to a well-lighted and traveled area. It is a good idea to tell your roommate where you are going and when you will return.

Do not hitchhike or accept rides from someone you do not know. If you do not feel safe walking to or from any building at night, ask a friend or two to walk with you.

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Signs and Parking Meters

Because it is impossible to tell illegal roadway, street and / or exit signs and parking meters from those purchased, signs and parking meters are not allowed in the residence hall.

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North Central Michigan College has a Director of Campus Housing, whose apartment is located off the main lobby, to oversee the residents and the residence life staff. The residence life staff is responsible for the wellbeing of all residents.

Resident Assistant (RA): Resident Assistants are responsible for different areas within the residence hall complex. They have been trained by the College to assist you with whatever concern you may have. The responsibility of the RA is to help residents maintain a pleasant atmosphere for study, recreation, social and educational development. In addition, the RA is an experienced resident, who has already spent considerable time "learning the ropes" of campus living and working. Your RA can save you both time and effort in resolving problems. Even though the RAs in your area are full-time students, they will be stopping by to chat. Don't hesitate to seek the RA if you need assistance at any time. Each RA has available hours, which are posted on his/her door.

In addition to the responsibilities described above, RAs are responsible for enforcing residence hall regulations. These regulations, which are examined and revised periodically, are designed to provide students with the best possible living and learning environment. You are asked to cooperate with the RAs in protecting both your rights and those of your fellow students.

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Tobacco Free Policy

North Central Michigan College is dedicated to maintaining a healthy work and learning environment for all students, employees and visitors.

Effective August 1, 2011, the College prohibits the use of tobacco products by employees, students and visitors on the Petoskey campus except inside individual automobiles. The prohibition applies to all buildings and facilities, and all outdoor locations owned or controlled by the College. For purposes of this policy, tobacco is defined as any tobacco product that is smoked, chewed or consumed in any other fashion. Also included in this policy are electronic, nicotine-containing devices commonly referred to as "e-cigarettes."

Products that are part of a smoking-cessation program, including patches or gum containing nicotine, are not banned by this policy. The intent of this policy is to eliminate the potential for exposure to second-hand smoke and to encourage a healthy lifestyle for employees and students. 

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In accepting a room assignment, the resident agrees to comply with all policies and ordinances established by North Central Michigan College and the Residence Hall Staff. Most of these regulations are in this publication, the North Central Student Handbook, and the Residence Hall Housing Contract.

The Vice President of Student Affairs and Director of Campus Housing are responsible for adjudication of serious cases in which a resident violates the terms and conditions as stated in the Residence Hall Contract. When a violation occurs, the Resident Assistant and/or the Director of Campus Housing will inform the resident of the alleged violation in writing.

The resident shall have up to 24 hours to prepare a response. Based on the information gathered, the Director of Campus Housing or the Vice President of Student Affairs will render a decision and inform the resident of that decision both verbally and in writing.

Appropriate action for violations may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Written/Verbal Warning.
  2. Fines and/or Community Service Project and/or Educational Project.
  3. Residence hall probation for the entire semester. A letter will be placed in the Residence Hall file.
  4. The Director of Campus Housing and the Vice President of Student Affairs will recommend that the Residence Hall living is not in the interest of the student, the residence hall environment or the College and the resident's contract will be terminated and refused in the future and the resident will move off campus.

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Violations by Category

Violations Suggested Sanctions
Visitation Policy 2-3 Hours Community Service
Sports in Hallway Damage Replacement fine
Overnight Guests / Escort Hours  In cases of minor damage, selfrepair
Bicycles in Res. Hall  Education project / Bulletin Board
Bicycles in Res. Hall  In some cases, letter of apology
Posting Policy 

Removal from living area (mandatory move)

Inappropriate Dress    
Quiet / Courtesy Hours   
Rollerblading / Skateboarding in Res. Hall   
Rough Play  

Violations Suggested Sanctions
Smoking  5-15 Hours Community Service
 Solicitation Policy Educational Projects
 Signs / Parking Meters (illegal, stolen, etc) Mandatory Counseling (substance abuse, alcohol, personal needs, etc.)
Pet Policy Removal from living area (mandatory move) 
Excessive Filth / Cleanliness Standards  
Treatment of Others  
Information Technology Policy  
Library & Computer Usage Policy  
Damage Control Policy (malicious damage to buildings, property, etc.)   

Violations Suggested Sanctions
Fire Fighting Equipment & Fire Drill Procedures 15-20 Hours Community Service
 Fire Arms & Explosives (weapons) Suspension / Expulsion from Residence Hall and/or College
Drugs or Illegal Substances Mandatory Counseling 
Combustibles  Removal from living area (mandatory move)
Theft In cases of Fire, fine amounts equal to the cost incurred by the College will be rendered 
Sexual Harassment  
Sexual Misconduct  
Sexual Assault   
Electrical System tampering  
Records (falsification)   
Compliance with College Officials  
Key Policy  


Students with multiple violations will receive a more severe sanction within their violation level. These are recommended sanctions; they are not meant to be absolute, and will be appropriate to the violation on a case-by-case basis. All sanctions are implemented according to the judgment of the Director of Campus Housing and/or the Vice President of Student Affairs. Community Service placement is with either a local charity / organization, North Central Physical Plant or Director of Campus Housing. Students will have ample time to complete the required Community Service Hours. Educational projects are at the discretion of the Director of Campus Housing. Educational projects can include, but are not limited to research papers, educational signs/posters/table tents, bulletin boards, etc.

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Visitation Policy

The College welcomes guests to visit and stay on campus. However, for the safety and security of all residents, visitors are not permitted to enter the residence hall without the host-resident being present.

24 / 7: Visitor(s) entering the Residence Hall must sign in with a valid ID (preferably a photo ID) with the host-resident being present.

24 / 7: Community Areas — visitors must be with the host-resident at all times while in the lobby, hallways, basement, and other community areas. Any host-resident who must leave the building/community area (class, work, cafeteria, errand, etc.) must have the visitor remain in the host-resident's room, sign out and/or sign in with another resident who is present [considering Roommate Agreement].

Visitors staying past 12:00 a.m. are considered an overnight guest. Visitors may not stay more than two (2) nights in any seven (7) day period. If due to special circumstances, you would like to have a guest stay longer, you can appeal to the Director of Campus Housing Monday — Friday during normal office hours. All residents are expected to respect the rights and privacy of their roommates, visitors of the opposite sex may not be entertained without the expressed permission of the roommate. (See "Roommate Bill of Rights")
Residents may have 3 visitors during the day and 2 overnight visitors at one time.

Any visitor under the age of 18 cannot stay overnight (the guest must leave before 12:00 am) — Family members that are 17 or younger, must have parental permission pre-approved and confirmed by the Director of Campus Housing during normal office hours, Monday-Friday.

Violations of any of these requirements will result in: 1st Offense: Loss of visitor privileges for one week; 2nd Offense: Loss of visitation privileges for one month-, 3rd Offense: Loss of visitation privileges permanently. 

Visiting is a privilege, not a right; the Director of Campus Housing reserves the discretion to permanently or otherwise revoke any individual’s visitation rights at any time as deemed appropriate. Please understand that the visitation policy is in place for the safety of all residents and their guests.
Residents should not let anyone that they would not accept responsibility for enter the building. If you do not know the person, do not let them into the building. Please remember, your visitors' actions are your responsibility.

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Pandemic Illness

In the case of a pandemic illness that causes campus housing to close the resident will receive a housing and food refund of 50% of their balance prorated for the number of weeks left upon moving out.

Each dorm room and shared restroom is equipped with a sanitizing spray bottle. Spray high use and common areas often and when appropriate. Showers, toilets and door handles should be sprayed before and after use. Empty bottles can be exchanged for a full bottle at the front desk. 

Face Masks: Must be worn properly in all common areas. Habitual failure to do so may result in disciplinary action or removal from campus housing. If a resident is unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, we ask they seek appropriate accommodations from Learning Support Services.  

Physical distancing: Maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet whenever possible. When distancing is not possible, wear a mask.

Personal Hygiene: Properly wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after being in a public area, before eating or blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. When soap and water are not available use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.  

Self-Monitoring: Monitor yourself for flu-like symptoms including sore throat, fever, and a new uncontrolled cough that causes difficulty breathing, diarrhea, and vomiting, abdominal pain, new onset of a severe headache and new loss of taste or smell. If experiencing any of these or combination of these symptoms, stay in your room and contact a physician immediately.

Staying Informed: Look for and follow signage posted by North Central and stay up to date by reading relevant emails from College administration.  Follow the orders of state and local health authorities.

Encouraging Others: Ensuring the safety of our campus community depends not only on compliance with the requirements above, but also on the encouragement of others to do the same. Set a positive example and encourage others.

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If you need to withdraw from college for any reason, be sure to complete the check-out procedure and check with the Student Services Office for the procedure for dropping classes.

The Director of Campus Housing and Vice President of Student Affairs handle all withdrawals from campus housing.

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Residence Hall Contract

Read the Residence Hall contract.