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Campus Housing

What to Bring!

Essentials to Residence Hall Life

(What to . . . and what not to. . . bring)


What to Bring

Clothes Desk Supplies Decorations
Winter Coat Flashlight/Batteries Cleaning Supplies
Laundry Supplies (& quarters) Power Strip Lamp (no halogen)
Clothes Hangers Shower Supplies/Toiletries Small Fan
Towels/Washcloths Plate, Bowl, Silverware Raincoat/umbrella
Bedding (twin sheets) Alarm Clock Radio/Media Player
Memo Board Backpack Network cord (for Internet if bringing personal computer)


Items Possibly Shared with Roommate

Microwave Television (with cable for service) DVD Player
Carpet / Rug Refrigerator Small Fish and Tank (no larger than 10 gallon)
Chair Window Fan  


What Not to Bring

Pets (beyond small fish) Candles Firearms (including paintball and AirSoft)
Bow and Arrow Internet Routers Obscene Materials
Halogen Lamp Steel Tipped Darts Air Conditioner
Fireworks Any item with a Hot Plate Outside Antennas
Space Heaters Coffee Maker (with a Hot Plate) George Foreman Grill


General Information

  • The walls in the Residence Hall are cement block, so hanging items on the walls is extremely difficult because no nails or screws may be used.
  • Bed size is twin.
  • Extended Basic Cable and Network Internet is available at no additional cost. Phone service is available at an additional cost. Wireless Internet is available in the lobby area.
  • Rooms are not carpeted. You may bring your own rug/carpeting if you would like; however, it must be removed at the end of the year. All carpet must have a padded backing, no exposed woven jute as this damages the floor tiles.
  • You may have bicycles on campus; bike racks are available throughout campus. However, bikes may not be brought into the building and no winter storage is provided.


If you have any further questions, please contact student services at

(231) 439-6443 or