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List of Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures Guide Review

This guide shall be reviewed/revised between Summer and Fall classes. Each staff member will review this plan in September during welcome back week activities. Every member of the campus community (Administration, Faculty, Staff, and Support Staff) should have a working knowledge of this checklist so they can respond to any emergency or critical event that may occur on or near campus.

Faculty shall be encouraged to review the fire drill, lockdown, and evacuation information with students within the first week of classes each semester at the Petoskey campus. 


Checklist of Considerations - Communication Procedures

Staff to Staff and Staff to Student Communication

  • If building systems are functioning, the speaker system, email, RAVE system, phone system and television broadcasts will be utilized as appropriate.
  • If the building communication systems are not functioning, cell phones will be used to call outside and the two-way radios will be used as needed.
  • If an evacuation occurs and the students and staff are contained on the campus grounds, the two-way radios will be utilized to communicate from one station to the other.
  • If an emergency occurs during non-College hours and the staff needs to be notified, the emergency phone tree, which is used for inclement weather, will be implemented.
  • All family member communication must be approved by the Public Information Officer.
  • If a situation occurs during non-College hours, the Campus Paging System will be utilized.
  • The Public Information Officer will communicate with the media and utilize the Campus Paging System.

Administrative, Faculty, Staff, & Support Staff Assignments and Duties

The Emergency Procedures Guide Checklist of Considerations will be put into operation to guide College Administration, Faculty, Staff and Support Staff in case of any event that requires an immediate emergency response. Consideration is given to such possible issues as loss of communication systems, need for complete evacuation of College premises and other emergency situations. The College Incident Commander, with the assistance of the Crisis Management Team, will direct emergency control of the situation until First Responders arrive on the scene. The staff’s role is to provide supervision of the students and assist First Responders as needed.

This Checklist of Considerations is designed to ensure the safest, most efficient use of College personnel and facilities in order to protect the students, staff and College property.