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Dangerous Person(s)


Intruder – An unauthorized person who enters College property

  • Call 439-6385 to notify Administration of the incident
  • Ask another staff person to accompany you before approaching intruder
  • Politely greet intruder and identify yourself
  • Ask intruder the purpose of his/her visit
  • Inform intruder that all visitors must register at the main office
  • If intruder’s purpose is not legitimate, ask him/her to leave
  • Accompany intruder to exit (If necessary, attempt to get license plate number and description, if appropriate)
  • The College Incident Commander or designee will call 9-1-1, if necessary

If intruder refuses to leave:

  • Warn intruder of consequences for staying on College property
  • Notify Security or Law Enforcement and the College Incident Commander (or designee) if intruder still refuses to leave and give Law Enforcement full description of intruder
  • (Keep intruder unaware of call for help, if possible)
  • Walk away from intruder if he/she indicates a potential for violence and be aware of intruder’s actions at this time (where he/she is located in College, whether he/she is carrying a weapon or package, etc.)
  • Maintain visual contact with intruder from a safe distance


  • The College Incident Commander or designee will call 9-1-1, and give the Dispatcher details of situation; ask for assistance from hostage negotiation team
  • If hostage-taker is unaware of your presence, do not intervene
  • Seal off area near hostage scene
  • Give control of scene to Law Enforcement and hostage negotiation team
  • Keep detailed notes of the events that take place

If taken hostage:

  • Follow instructions of hostage-taker
  • Try not to panic, and keep students calm if they are present
  • Be respectful to hostage taker and treat the hostage-taker as normally as possible
  • Ask permission to speak and do not argue or make suggestions