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Sexual Offense Procedure 


  • Call 439-6385 to notify Administration of the incident
  • The College Incident Commander or designee will call Law Enforcement — 9-1-1

Sexual Accusations

In the event of a sexual offense occurring on campus, the Petoskey Department of Public Safety (9-1-1) should be contacted immediately. Medical assistance is available at McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital Emergency Room (416 Connable Ave., Petoskey; (800) 248-6777). Victims are reminded of the importance of preserving evidence which may be necessary for the proof of sexual assault. Any offense should be reported to the VP of Student Affairs (348-6618) or the Residence Hall Director (439-6349) as soon as possible.

VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ACCUSATIONS or ASSAULT are advised to contact the Petoskey Department of Public Safety directly. Campus authorities will assist in contacting the Department of Public Safety at student request. COUNSELING is available on and off-campus to victims of sexual assault.

Counselors on-campus are located in Student Services, Student and Community Resource Center at 348-6605

OFF-CAMPUS COUNSELING is available from a variety of helping professionals and agencies including:

Great Lakes Psychiatric 487-6076
Women's Resource Center 347-0067
Planned Parenthood 347-9692
Child and Family Services 347-4463
Emergency Mental Health Line (24 Hours) 1-800-442-7315 (Third Level Crisis Center)