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Student Unrest


  • Call 9-1-1 if necessary
  • Call 439-6385 to notify Administration of the incident
  • Ensure the safety of students and staff first
  • Communicate the information to staff
  • Assist Law Enforcement as requested
  • Move students involved in disturbance to an isolated area
  • Keep students calm
  • Lock classroom doors
  • Do not allow students to leave the classroom until you receive an all-clear signal
  • Make a list of students that are absent from classroom and document all incidents
  • Seal off area where incident took place
  • Defuse situation, if possible
  • The College Incident Commander or designee may issue lockdown See Lockdown Procedures
  • The College Incident Commander or designee notifies Law Enforcement if weapon was used, victim has physical injury causing substantial pain or impairment of physical condition, or assault involved sexual contact
  • Document all activities and ask victim/witness for their account of incident
  • Assess counseling needs of victim or witness and implement debrief procedures