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Lockdown procedures may be issued in situations involving dangerous intruders or other incidents that may result in harm to persons inside any College building.

  • Activate the ALERTUS ENS Panic Button
  • Call 911 if threat is imminent and you are safe to do so
  • Do not sound the fire alarm. If a fire alarm does go off during a lockdown, do not evacuate unless you smell smoke
  • Know your exits
  • Shut the blinds or pull the shades down
  • Cover any windows or openings
  • Turn off the lights. DO NOT respond to anyone at the door until Public Safety makes entry
  • Lock your self in classrooms, dorm rooms, and offices.
  • Stay low, away from windows and barricade door(s)
  • Put your cell phones on vibrate
  • Do not make any noise
  • Take note of who had left the room prior to the lockdown notice and write down those names with intended destination
    (Example – John Smith left the classroom at 1:15 p.m. to use the restrooms)
  • If you are outside of a building when a lockdown is announced, stay outside
  • Physical education classes being held in the gym should move into a locker room, lock all doors, and find a safe area
  • Any students in the cafeteria should move to the nearest classrooms
  • If in a restroom, move to a stall, lock it and crouch on the toilet
  • Anyone in the hallway should move to the closest classroom immediately
  • Cafeteria workers/support staff should stay in the area they are in, secure the doors, and turn out the lights
  • Students and staff in the library should remain in the library. Librarians should lock the doors, turn out the lights, and locate a safe area

Faculty and Staff should take note of their class status

If all students are inside the classroom, note classroom # and “all present” and no message is necessary
If students are out of the room with a pass, note classroom # and “students out” and the message will list the students’ first and last names, their destination, and when they left the room
If students are missing and unaccounted for, note the classroom # and “students missing” and list the students missing and any suggestions as to their whereabouts
If you have students in your room that are not assigned to your room, note the “extra students” and the list the students’ names and assigned location

Allow no one outside of classrooms until a Petoskey Department of Public Safety or Emmet County Sheriff Deputy unlocks the door and gives the classroom the all clear.

Lock Out-Classic lockdown response

Get Out-If the threat is in your area, RUN

Take Out-If the threat is in your immediate area and you can’t run, FIGHT!