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Building Evacuation


Evacuation may occur due to: Explosion or Threat of Explosion, Fire, Bomb Threat, Hazardous Material, Flood, as determined by Petoskey Public Safety.

  • Call 9-1-1 if not done so and/or follow Petoskey Public Safety recommendations
  • The College Incident Commander determines if students and staff should be evacuated outside of building or to an Evacuation Relocation Center per PPS recommendations
  • The College Incident Commander determines staffing level needs; information is relayed to the Human Resources Department to call in additional staff to respond to the incident
  • Director of College Communications takes over the College website
  • Lockdown procedure is initiated for attendance purposes prior to evacuation and the first attendance is taken.
  • Activate the appropriate ALERTUS ENS if able to
  • Administration, Faculty, Staff and Support Staff take evacuation folder as they exit the room to take attendance at the Evacuation Relocation Center
  • Place evacuation sign on the door of the Administration Building (this is done to notify the public)
  • Lock exterior doors

Administration, Faculty, Staff and Support Staff:

  • Direct students to follow normal evacuation drill procedures or follow alternate route if normal route is too dangerous
  • Take attendance prior to leaving the classroom, and at specified area of relocation center and inform the Evacuation Relocation Center Coordinator immediately if there is a missing student
  • Remain with class at all times at the relocation center
  • No one may reenter building
  • College IC notifies students and staff emergency has ended.
  • Resume normal operations

Suggested Evacuation Relocation Center:


Petoskey Seventh-Day Adventist
1404 Howard Street

Petoskey, MI  49770


Sheridan Elementary School
1415 Howard Street
Petoskey, MI  49770