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Serious Injury/Death Procedure

If the incident occurred in College: 

  • Call 9-1-1
  • Call 439-6385 to notify Administration of the incident
  • If possible, isolate affected student/staff member
  • The College Incident Commander activates the Crisis Management Team and designates a staff person to accompany the injured or ill person to the hospital
  • The College Incident Commander or designee notifies family members of affected student
  • Direct witnesses to the College psychologist or counselor (or support staff) and contact family members if students are sent to psychologist or counselor
  • VP of Student Affairs will determine method of notifying students, staff and family members
  • Refer media to Director of College Communication – 231-348-6839

If the incident occurred outside of College:

  • The College Incident Commander notifies the Crisis Management Team
  • The College Incident Commander will notify staff before normal operating hours
  • VP of Student Affairs will determine the method of notifying students and family members and announce the availability of counseling services for those who need assistance
  • Refer media to the Director of College Communication – 231-348-6839

Post Incident:

The College Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) will:

  • Meet with mental health workers to determine the level of intervention for staff and students
  • Designate rooms as private counseling areas
  • Escort affected students, siblings, close friends and other “highly stressed” students to counselors
  • Debrief all students and staff
  • Assess the stress level of all students and staff
  • Recommend counseling to overly stressed students and staff
  • Follow-up with students and staff who received counseling

The College Incident Commander will:

  • Allow for changes in normal routines or test schedules to address injury or death