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Library Procedures


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THE LIBRARY: an overview

North Central Michigan College Library serves the students, faculty, and staff of the college. The library also welcomes residents of our multi-county community as patrons. The North Central library houses over 43,000 volumes, over 70,000 online books and subscribes to over 200 periodicals emphasizing the various academic areas of the institution. The current library facility was finished in 1984. The library was designated as a U.S. Government Depository Library for the 1st United States Congressional District in 1962. Links to Government Document holdings are available on the library home page.

Online periodical and research databases for use by students include EBSCOHost, Lexis-Nexis, InfoTrac, Proquest Journals and many others. The Library maintains 40 computers for patron use. Internet access is available as well as Microsoft Office tools. Computers equipped with audio and video editing software are also available for student and faculty use. Printing and copying is available at a nominal charge.

The library has small meeting rooms available for students working on group projects. These rooms also are available for viewing DVDs and videotapes.

The circulation and information desk is located at the main entrance to the Library. This is the place to borrow and return books, apply for library borrowing privileges, claim printing and request research assistance. Reserve materials, including copies of some textbooks specified by instructors, are kept at this desk.



Library Mission Statement

The primary mission of the North Central Michigan College Library is to support the academic program of the College.



  • To collect, organize and provide access to the best books, periodicals and non-print materials possible which will further, reinforce, and enrich classroom teaching and learning, and, as well, to provide such services in equivalent forms for distance and virtual learning students.
  • To teach students to use library materials for optimal results.
  • To assist faculty in obtaining materials which will enhance classroom performance.
  • To assist faculty in locating and obtaining materials necessary for their own research and to keep up-to-date in their fields.
  • To locate and gather information which will assist the administration in the operation of the college.
  • To promote the rights of all individuals in the communities served by North Central Michigan College to have access to all types of materials and to ensure their privacy in the use of such materials.
  • To promote the use of the library by making the community aware of the materials and services available.



Borrowing Books

You must be an North Central student, employee or resident of Emmet County to borrow books without charge. A current North Central Michigan College Library card or college-issued student identification card is needed to borrow library materials and may be obtained at the front desk. Residents of Charlevoix and Cheboygan County may purchase a yearly card for $50, which entitles them to borrow directly from the library collection, although they may choose to Interloan books from the North Central library through their local libraries. Books circulate for 21 days and may be renewed once if there are no holds on them. Periodicals do not circulate. Students may have 10 books charged out to them at one time; community patrons are limited to 5 at one time. Please read Loan Policy for details on patron responsibilities and services.


iPad Loan Procedure

North Central Michigan College students, faculty, and staff members may borrow an iPad from the North Central Library for use on or off campus once the Add/Drop period for that semester has passed (Please see the Academic Calendar for the specific dates).  The loan period is for one week.  Return the iPad to the Circulation Desk at the end of the loan period; do not put the iPad in the Library dropbox.

Procedures for borrowing an iPad:

  • Present your current college ID card at the Circulation Desk
  • Verify that the equipment is in good working order
  • Sign the iPad Loan Agreement
  • Use your North Central Portal login and password for access to the wireless network on campus

A member of the library staff will check the equipment to ensure proper working order when you borrow and return.  You are responsible for damaged or lost items and parts.  Any damage to the equipment will be noted and billed accordingly.  Damage charges will be assessed  based on actual repair costs.  The overdue fine is $5 per day.  Replacement cost for a lost iPad with cover is $500 with additional charges for peripheral equipment.  The iPad will  be considered lost if not returned for 3 days after the due date and charges will be applied to your North Central Student Account.  Charges will remain until fines or replacement fees are paid.


Student Patrons

Students must obtain a student ID card from Student Services. This ID card will serve as your library card. Materials will not be checked out to students without this card.

Photocopies are charged for at the rate of $0.05 per page. Black & white laser printer copies are charged for at the rate of $0.05 per page. Color laser printer copies are charged for at the rate of $.50 per page. No credit can be given.


Community Patrons

North Central Michigan College Library is happy to have community patrons and area summer property owners use the materials and services of the North Central's Library, with a few provisos and qualifications.

Persons who are property owners or residents of Emmet County may apply for a community patron card. They must present a valid Michigan Driver's License or other picture ID of authority, or failing that, the permission of the Librarian. The community patron card holder in good standing* may:

  • Borrow books from North Central's Library. A total of five books may be checked out to that patrons' record during any five periods of time. Books may be renewed once.
  • Use ILL services, including borrowing books, on a walk-in basis. ILL books count as some or all of the five books which maybe charged to a patron's record at any one time.
  • Use the premises, assistance, services and equipment with the understanding that North Central's students, employees and government document users take precedence when equipment and staff are scarce.

The community patron card is valid for one year and may be renewed indefinitely as long as the holder is in good standing.

*Good standing is defined as having no overdue or other outstanding materials, fines and bills.

Photocopies are charged for at the rate of $0.05 per page. Black & white laser printer copies are charged for at the rate of $0.10 per page. Color laser printer copies are charged for at the rate of $1 per page. No credit can be given.


Library Fines

Overdue fines for late North Central Michigan College Library books are $.05 per day. Reserve materials and ILL books if overdue, have a fine of $0.50 per day. Books are rarely recalled, but if they are, there is a $2 per day charge if they are not returned promptly.


Lost Books

If a North Central Michigan College Library item is lost, the fee is the replacement cost plus a $10 processing fee. If the book or other material is out of print, or cannot be replaced, the fee is $75 plus a $10 processing fee.

If an ILL book is lost, the cost will be $75 or more, depending on the replacement cost, plus a $25 processing charge, plus a $15 billing fee.

All financial obligations to the library must be met by the last day of the academic semester or session in which the materials were borrowed. Failure to meet these requirements will result in suspended library privileges, holds on transcripts, diplomas, and registration. Overdue ILL materials will result in immediate suspension of all library privileges.


Loan Procedure

The North Central Michigan College Library loans books and photocopies of periodical articles through Interlibrary Loan to academic and public libraries using American Library Association suggested guidelines. Please see our Interlibary Loan Policy for more details.


Interlibrary Loan Procedure

Our current online services have made many kinds of Interlibrary Loans (ILL) unnecessary. North Central Michigan College Library now fulfills many ILL needs through online access which formerly were only met through Interlibrary Loan.

Interlibrary Loans can still be arranged through the North Central Library under the following guidelines:



  • Currently enrolled students. ILLs are limited to five per project.
  • Current faculty, staff, administration, and trustees. There is no limit as to number. Employees who are also students elsewhere, however, should expect to get ILL service from the library of the institution where they are enrolled. The North Central library will be happy to get ILLs for staff whose external course work is connected to a North Central Michigan College project.
  • Community patrons from Emmet County.


Scope of ILL Service:

  • ILLs must be related to North Central's curriculum, current and under development,
  • Or, related to committee work,
  • Or related to job assignment, assigned research, grants, etc.
  • Personal interests unrelated to the college's mission cannot be accommodated.
  • Requests from family, friends, etc., cannot be honored.


Copyright provisions that affect Interlibrary Loan:

  • Our library can request no more than five photocopies of articles out of any given journal during any calendar year.
  • Our library can request only one photocopied article out of any issue of a journal, and not even that if it constitutes the entire editorial content of that issue.
  • We must refuse requests that violate the above guidelines.
  • ILL service users should also be aware that they can very quickly use up the institution's eligibility to acquire photocopies from a particular journal.



  • In almost all cases, books should be available through online Interloan services. Fill out an ILL request form and turn it in to the library check-out desk.
  • For photocopies of articles not available through our subscription online services, fill out the photocopy ILL request form.
  • You will be notified by the Library by phone. If you leave your email address, the library will also contact you by these means.



North Central Michigan College Library does not give out any information to anyone about any library patron, student, member of the staff, etc. This includes, but is not limited to, the following kinds of information:

  1. The Library will not give anyone any information from our patron database or the Student Email directory (no addresses, phone numbers, employers, email addresses, etc.). Refer any questions to Student Services at (231) 348-6605.
  2. The Library will not divulge any information as to who has a book checked out, or who might have checked it out in the past. Everyone's right to privacy is respected. When a patron wants a book or other material that is checked out to another patron, it is the Library's job to get it back, if that should prove to be necessary. In general, the Library will never ask someone to bring a book back (recall) before it is due, unless it is for a course reserve.
  3. All library staff, including student assistants, treat all conversations, transactions and events relating to the library as confidential.

Refer any questions about the interpretation of this policy to the Director of Library, Media, Internet and Distance Learning Services.


Security System

The Library uses a security system in order to protect its materials. When materials leave the Library without being properly desensitized, an alarm will sound. The patron carrying materials triggering the alarm will be asked to return to the circulation desk.

In many cases, library patrons inadvertently pick up library materials along with their own belongings, causing the security system to lock. All library materials are clearly identified with North Central ownership stamps, barcodes or tags. The Library apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause patrons; they are simply asked to return the materials to the circulation desk.

Infrequently, a member of the library staff will neglect to check an item out properly, causing the security system to lock. The Library apologizes to the patron for any embarrassment or inconvenience this may have caused.

There are occasionally instances when the library staff has good reason to suspect that there is an intent to steal library materials. In these cases, the library may turn the case over to the Vice President of Student Affairs to handle if the patron and the library staff are unable to resolve the problem.

Even more rarely a library patron brings into the Library a commercial product from an establishment which uses the same security system as that used by the Library, also causing the security system to trip. The library staff asks that the patron cooperate in identifying the item and in desensitizing it. If the patron refuses this accommodation, the Library requests that in the future that item not be brought back into the library, or that it be checked at the front desk. Failure to comply with one of these solutions can result in the patron's loss of library privileges.

It has been known to happen that students play "practical jokes" on other students, which cause the security system to "catch" someone. If the joke-player is identified, the case will be turned over to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Any instance of interference with library security materials or procedures constitutes a violation of campus regulations and will be turned over to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

The Library reserves the right to ask patrons to search their own belongings for library materials, and to search any bags, handbags, briefcases, binders, etc., which continue to trip the alarm system.

Use of the North Central Michigan College Library implies compliance with security procedures.


The process for collection development at North Central Michigan College Library is shared by the faculty and the library staff under the direction of the Director of Library & Academic Technologies. Selection of materials is made based on a number of factors that address the mission and goals of North Central Michigan College. A primary concern in the selection of library materials is to meet the needs of students and faculty of North Central Michigan College whether on or off campus. Criteria used for selection of materials: (not in order)

  • Relevance to the curriculum
  • Publications that are timely and have lasting value
  • Publications in a variety of formats to assure access
  • Faculty, staff, student, and community requests
  • Reputation of author and/or publisher
  • Presentation of material: style, readability, level consistent with student abilities
  • Materials representing diverse viewpoints on issues
  • Resources that add depth to subject areas
  • Curriculum needs as reflected by current courses
  • Anticipated curriculum needs
  • Faculty and staff needs to develop college programs and goals
  • Support and development of the existing collection
  • Reviews from professional journals and other sources
  • Cost of the material
  • Frequent requests for interlibrary loan


Types and Formats of Materials Collected

Printed books are collected primarily in hardback editions, depending on availability, cost, anticipated usage and the necessity for frequent updating.

Electronic books will be considered when they are deemed to provide exceptional currency or cost benefits support for the print collection and/or support for distance education classes or programs. These books may be chosen in addition to the subscription purchases/leases of Ebrary and netLibrary electronic books.

Popular fiction is generally not purchased unless deemed to have lasting value, or when it supports courses. Books receiving literary awards or recognition will be purchased when funds allow.

Textbooks are not selected unless specifically requested by faculty as exceptional resources. Exceptions may be made if the textbook is considered a singular resource in the field, or the only material available in the field. Previous editions of textbooks may be accepted if considered to be supporting materials for a specific curriculum or class.

Reference materials support the research needs of students, faculty, staff, and community. The library regularly updates encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes, directories, statistical compilations and other materials where currency is a requirement. Reference materials are collected both in print and online. Items in the library Reference Collection do not circulate.

Serials, journals, periodicals, and newspapers are publications that are issued on a regular schedule and are expected to be continued. Providing a comprehensive selection of periodicals is a commitment to providing materials not only for immediate use, but for continuing maintenance and storage when the research value of the collection endures. As costs continue to escalate for print subscriptions, the collection must be regularly monitored for frequency of use and relevancy to the curriculum. Electronic subscriptions may replace or supplement print subscriptions if it is determined that the product is stable and continually accessible.

Audiovisual materials including videotapes and DVDs are generally purchased at the request of faculty. They are for use in classrooms only. Students may come into the library to view videotapes for telecourses or videotapes put on reserve by instructors to support classroom instruction.

Online Resources at North Central are a combination of subscription databases contracted by the library and online resources supplied to all Michigan libraries by the Library of Michigan. These resources are chosen to provide access to journals, magazines, newspapers and reference materials. Students may access these materials whether on campus or off campus which provide high quality research opportunities in addition to and as a complement to materials available in the library. These products are continually reviewed and monitored for ease of use, relevant subject areas, clear instructions, reliable connectivity, speed of access, availability of technical support and patron usage.


Gifts and Donations

Gifts and donations are gratefully accepted with the following provisos:

  • The library staff will make a final decision on whether or not the item should be added to the collection.
  • If the item is not added to the collection, it may be returned tot he donor at the donor's request, sold, given away or otherwise discarded.
  • Once the gift item is added, it takes on the same status as any other item in the collection, and may be weeded, discarded, sold, etc.


Criteria for Selection and/or Acceptance of Gifts

  • Does the material serve an educational purpose?
  • Does the material support North Central's curriculum?
  • Does the material encourage the intellectual growth of staff and students?:
  • Does the material tent to strengthen or balance the collection?
  • Do the materials on hand present various viewpoints on controversial topics?
  • Are reference materials accurate, convenient to use, durable, useful in the curricula and reasonably priced?
  • Will the material be of use to faculty, staff and students from diverse backgrounds with differing tastes, interests, purposes and skills?



Materials will be deselected, weeded, etc., when they are sufficiently out of date so as to impart incorrect information which could be harmful or dangerous. This is particularly true in legal and medical subject area. Poor condition, lack of use and general irrelevance to the curriculum would also constitute reasons for deselection.

*Material is defined as anything in print/hard copy, audiovisuals, online resources, microform, etc. Check with the appropriate library staff member on the procedure for making purchase recommendation.