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Institutional Data Center

Student Demographics


In Fall 2016, a bit more than one-third (36%) of our students were Emmet County residents and the great majority (82%) came from our primary service area of Emmet, Charlevoix, Cheboygan and Otsego counties. 



county of residence


male/female demographics

Approximately two-thirds of our students were female.


Incoming student trends

When we consider just new, incoming students for the fall, we can see how those students are generally getting younger and trending more to full-time, although the male/female split of incoming students has remained relatively steady.  These graphs exclude any high school students who may be taking classes at North Central.


Incoming students in Fall 2016 continued the trend of enrolling in liberal arts degree programs (Associate of Arts [AA], Associate of Science [AS] or Associate of General Studies [AGS]), with about three-quarters of new credential-seeking students doing so.  Applied degrees (Associate of Applied Science [AAS]) and certificate [CERT] declarations made up about a quarter of incoming students.

A noticeable shift in recent years shows considerably fewer incoming students opting for the AGS degree, with most of the difference being made up in increased preference for the AA degree.  This reflects a trend towards more transferrable degrees, along with the changes in demographics. 


Students who have stated a desire to eventually transfer to a four-year college or university after their time at North Central generally enroll in liberal arts degree programs. 

Students who are more interested in acquiring “job-ready” skills tend to enroll in applied programs.